Monday, March 03, 2014

Frog stitch

That's what I did tonight. I was just going to attach another row or two to the rug when I realized it was beginning to buckle too much. Nothing to do but rip it out, thus, the frog stitch. Rippit, rippit. lol first time I heard that I thought it was so funny. The rug now measures about 26" across the middle and lays much flatter. I'm checking myself after every row now. This project has grabbed me and won't let go! I have several other quilts I NEED to work on but this rug is so therapeutic. Unless I have to rip stitches. Lol

Weekend activities

I need a quick gift for a birthday this Friday. I found this pretty little potholder pattern and knew it was the perfect item to make for a sweet friend. (Ever notice that if you omit the "r" in "friend" it leaves you with "fiend"?) But, I digress...

This weekend found me working on this rug. It is so addicting! As long as my machine continues to cooperate, I'm having a great time making this.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

What else?

Kk's birthday quilt is quilted and in the process of being bound. Back fabric is courtesy of Juju. Thanks!

What do you do with scraps of tshirt fabric? Make a rug! I am so enjoying this process between the bigger projects. Jim asked how big it's going to be. "Until I run out of scraps!"

An old UFO. These blocks are from a QOR swap I did many years ago. I quilted each block before I connected them all together. What a great way to practice free motion quilting!