Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Round Robin Flamingo comes home

It's been since April, I think, that this little pink flamingo Santa Claus left my house in need of some borders. The last lady had some major surgery and slowed it's journey home a bit, but she, in true quilter form, mustered up the energy to finish her round. I appreciate you, Terry! As with all these pictures, the "real thing" looks so much better than what I show you here. I sent them the flamingo with the santa hat and lots of tropical fabric. The ladies did a wonderful job.

  Posted by Picasa Someone wanted to see the midget blocks I've done so far. Here they are. I've been having some trouble getting the paperpieced blocks to come out the five inches the instructions say they should be. I am enjoying this process. I especially like having another block to look forward to every week.

One more sleep and it's off to Houston! I packed all my class stuff last night and finished the laundry. Tonight I'll pack my clothes, finish paying bills, and get the house ready for the cleaning ladies. I will probably not post again until I'm in Houston. I've decided to take my laptop. What good is it if I don't take it with me? And, that's why I wanted it, right?

Time to get ready for work. Have a wonderful day. It's cold outside! 30 degrees, wind chill 19 at 6 a.m.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday pumpkins

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Okay, so I should've gotten up, since I was up early with the time change, and gone to church. But, I didn't. Instead, I worked on this little tabletopper that I've been wanting to do for a while. Never mind that I have TONS of stuff left to do before I leave for Houston on Wednesday! Let's see...need to finish gathering fabric and tools for the classes, laundry, shopping, bill paying, finishing little gifties for the trip, getting the house ready for the cleaning ladies on Wed. morning, laundry (I know, I said that twice, and it will take all 3 days to do laundry!) Whew! I'm tired just thinking of it. Plus, gotta get to the gym in order to find all the energy needed for the aforementioned chores!

Saturday was a busy day since a lot of my customers needed major jobs done before I left town. I love my customers...thank you!! I had a couple of requests from the other side of the building for seasonal tablerunners. Guess I'll load up on fabric for those while in Houston.

Time to quit procrastinating. What to do first? Oh yes, I want to get the binding on a runner so I can hand finish it while "talking" on the 'puter with friends and family. It's hard to quilt with quilting gloves and then turn to type. So, I find myself doing hand work while visiting online. You'd be surprised how much gets done!

One final tidbit...looks like we're actively looking for a new vehicle for me. Son Joe in OKC is selling cars these days and is helping us look for something new and wonderful. Maybe a jeep something or other...? We'll see if they (Jim, Rob and Joe) have something for me when I get back from Houston.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A different view..

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A different colorway for the flying geese. The center panel fabric is titled "Watch Over Me". Just playing here...lol I never did get the penguins sandwiched so I want to do that tonight before I go to bed. Maybe I can stipple it really quick, too. Wonder how many of these I can whip up before Christmas? Would make nice wallhangings, too. Sure wish I didn't have to work all day tomorrow. No, wait, because I DO work, I can buy more fabric! Wonderfully vicious cycle...

Had a very nice massage today. Thanks, Liz! Am feeling very relaxed. So much so that I nearly fell asleep at dinner tonight when Judy and I went out for Chinese. I seem to have gotten a second wind now, though. So, it's back to the flying geese.

Thursday night

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Nothin' doin' but I had to go to Ben Franklin's as soon as I got off work Thursday afternoon, winds gusting to 50 mph and all to find fabric for this tablerunner. They are going out of business and their Christmas fabric is 60% off. This is a border print that measured just right for this project. I am lovin' it! Notice the wings are intact on this one. lol

I started this piece last night around 8:30 after I got back from the gym. I was working on it at 11:00 when I decided I'd better stop because, yes, I'd made a huge mistake again. The top geese were flying in the opposite direction! So, this morning, while Jim was getting ready for work, I ripped out and re-sewed and got it just where I wanted it. If I have time this morning before I leave I'll sandwich it, but I think I'll wait 'til tonight to quilt. The other one quilted nicely, except that using the metallic thread was a challenge, as always. I'll tack the binding down today at work if time allows between clients.

It's massage time this afternoon and I can hardly wait. I had one two weeks ago and my hip has not hurt nearly as much as it had been. Of course, I had a little over a week off from the gym contraptions...hmmm...wonder if they might have something to do with that pain? Anyhoo, my head is much, much better and I have to thank Judy for "forcing" me to workout last night in spite of my objections, "I'm too tired, it's too cold, I want to quilt!" lol Once we were done, I felt much better.

Time to shower. Only a half day today so I'm looking forward to the day. Have a good one!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A clipped wing...

In the new Quilter's World magazine, there's a link to make this wonderfully fast and easy little runner. (I'm looking for fast and easy here to make up for sale at the shop.) However, if you go too fast, like I tend to do, you get a geese with it's wing clipped!


I didn't even realize it until I went to cut the corner to sew the strip on. Oh well. I'm quilting and binding this one and using it at work anyway. It'll be my prototype and maybe I can take orders for others. The center piece will work great with those fabrics that you just can't bear to cut up and the flying geese are a breeze to make. I like to use Billie Lauder's technique. I hope to get to the store today to find some really wonderful print that I just HAVE to have.

Jim is off today, so it's a slow morning around here. I've been up since 5:30 though. Can't change that internal clock. So, best get some things done and get ready for work. I'd rather be quilting!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Friendship Stars

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Thanks to Pam, I searched and found the stars made by online friends in 1999. I also found 4 more star blocks and had to fix one to fit and then added them. Already had the red border so, of course, didn't have enough to lengthen it, so had to use something close. I am going to finish this one and hang it up! Thanks, Pam, for the walk down memory cyberlane.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A couple of wallhangings


This little turkey hanging is a gift to me! One of my friends, Sherry, on QOR, included it in her Secret Pal package to me. Isn't it wonderful?! It's all hand appliqued and hand quilted. She also sent me 3 yards of different Fall fabrics and assorted notions. This swap is always so much fun.

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And, here it is. I thought these little snowmen would work into a tablerunner, but I didn't like the way they would've lined up in a long runner, so I put them together like the instructions called for. I had a little trouble when I decided to put the snowmen on point and added corner triangles. I had them all quilted and the whole thing started waving along the edges. Too much bias... So, I laid it on the cutting table and whacked off the triangles. That's why you see a sliver of different color outside the blue border. The center snowman was made by a friend of mine a few years ago. It's a lapel pin. Can be removed and worn. At any rate, I wanted it big enough to hang in my sister's office, but I'm not sure it is (big enough). So, Judy, if you want it, holler.

I spent an hour with Gladys yesterday helping her finish her reversible quilt. Her machine started acting up, so I packed it all up and brought it home to finish. I just put her quilted blocks together and attached the binding. She turned it to the back by hand. She's happy with it and I'm happy I was able to help her do that. She's talking about starting another one now! Go, Gladys!

Another visit to the doc today. Man! Am I ever going to get rid of this? Dizzies are all but gone, but I still have a lot of "fullness" in my ears. They gave me a Kenalog shot since I guess they think I'm having a severe allergy problem. Also gave me Clarinex and I think that has helped more than anything.

Time to look over my supply list for Houston. I've GOT to get things together. Next Wednesday will be here before we know it.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ever made a mistake...?

I need to learn to post the picture then come back to edit the copy. When I do it all through Picasa, it doesn't always post and then I lose all that I've "talked". That was not my first mistake today.

The picture you see shows a snowman block done the right way. The triangles around it, if you look closely, will never resemble that block. And, that's the way I had all four of them at first! Perhaps I should follow the old admonition, "make a sample block, dummy!" lol No, I thought the pictures and instructions in the Fons and Porter Christmas issue '05 were clear and precise and I would have no trouble. Well, the instructions are good, it's the reader that wasn't.

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Linda, do you have a cute little snowman block for your December wallhanging? This would be a nice one. It measures only 7 1/2" but you could add a little border. Hmm..maybe I should start a monthly hanging? I may have to get the instructions for the base from you.

I'm going to finish the other two blocks the right way then I'm going to go color my hair. I thought I would let the black color grow off, then color my gray hair a light ash brown and do some highlights but it just looks horrible at this point. I can't go to Houston looking like this. Then there's laundry to do and James wants to go car window shopping. We'll see...I think it's warming up enough outside that he can go golfing.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday night

Here's a little quilt entrusted to me to quilt. One of my co-workers brought it over to me the other day and said "she wants you to quilt this for her." Apparently, Clint, my co-worker had a client that saw my quilts hanging at the shop and she decided I had to do this for her. She did a wonderful job with the machine applique and I have to admit I was a little nervous about doing it. But, I just did an all-over stipple design with a little wavy stitch down the green border strip. But, I don't know if she wants me to finish it!


I hope she calls soon or comes by the shop. It would be so easy to finish it off now, but I don't know if she has the binding ready to go or just how she plans to finish it. At any rate, it's quilted. Now I need some advice as to how to charge for this. I don't usually have a problem stating a price, but I don't want to cheat her or short-change myself this time. Anyone know a good rule to go by?

Judy and I got to the gym for about an hour tonight. It was a little better for me. I did not go into a tailspin while doing my crunches. We didn't do much cardio but we did do our weight routine. We'll get it together again. I actually had two people today ask me how much weight I've lost! lol

Got to get these contacts out. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The turkey makes another appearance...


I think I need to stop listening to what people want! lol One of my coworkers decided she needed a Thanksgiving vest. Last year she bought one of my Christmas vests and she was my secret pal so I gave her another one. Today she had on a Halloween vest and I made the comment that I wouldn't have to make her one. To which she replied, "but, I need a Thanksgiving vest!" So, nothing doing but I had to come home and put this turkey on a vest. I hope she likes it. If not, maybe someone else will because it's too small for me. It's only a medium.

I am definitely getting turkey tired... It's time to start quilting some of these tops I've got done to have for Christmas gifts. But, my sewing room is a total disaster and I've got to clean things up before I start working with the larger projects. The small items are fun, but I'm ready for the big ones. And, the little ones have been good since I've been sick. But, boy, can I make a mess! Wish I had a little cleaning and organizing fairy come visit...

I'm done for the night. Time to grab a snack and watch something mindless on t.v. Posted by Picasa

Quilter's bag

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Here's a quick little bag I made to hold goodies for my Fall Secret Pal on QOR. I'd forgotten about these patterns. They're easy to do and make a nice little bag to put gifts in. Can you see the spools in the pink panel? DH had a hard time making them out. He thought it looked more like "windows". Finally had to point them out to him.

Feeling much better today. Still a bit dizzy upon rising from the bed, but I can breathe better. Time to get ready for work.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Circle gone awry...


I have wanted to make one of these Dresden plate designs for a long time. The plate, I'm happy with. The circle I put it on...well, let me say that here is another one I'm not pleased with. Why do I do these things? Because I have to! lol I really need to take more time measuring. No, instead I 'wing' it and I know I'm not going to like it, but I think, "maybe this time, I'll be lucky!" How's that for an optimistic point of view! Oh well, maybe the table this will go one won't be that round, either. Yeah, right! I think I will make more blocks with the dresden pattern, though. I really liked the process.

I really am a little embarrassed to show you this picture, but I know you will be kind. I love quilters!

I'm off to shower and get ready for work. I think I overdid yesterday what with my 30 minute visit to the gym and all. I didn't sleep well last night and I'm very tired now. I'll only work until noon or so today so maybe I can come home and take a nap. I've GOT to get my Fall secret pal package packed up and ready to go. I also have a few goodies I need to send to my DGD for Halloween. Cleaning ladies come today, yeayyy! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More turkey talk

Who would have that that this little turkey would be so useful? Not only does he make great tablerunners, he's also good on wallhangings. Actually, this is a placemat but I'm going to put some curtain rings on the back and hang him on the wall.

Last night I made the prairie points to go around the
Advent quilt. Not my favorite way to do this. I followed the instructions that came with the pattern, and I'm surprised they came out as well as they did. They wanted me to cut in at a 90 degree angle to the fold on both sides of a folded strip. Math is not my strong point. So, I just guessed. Needless to say, and you can see, they did not all come out as they should. But, they're there and all that's left to do is quilt it and finish the binding on about 5 more little quilts.
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My next project will be to make a round tabletopper using the turkey. The customer does not want the turkey body, though, so it'll be even easier. I think I'm going to make the dresden blades a little differently. I'll let you know when I get them done.

Can you tell I'm feeling much better today? I'm pretty tired because I worked all morning and then had to go shopping for groceries and for more fabric and the stenciling equipment for the placemat. It's amazing to me how tired I get when I'm sick. I guess that's not unusual the older we get. Just gets harder to bounce back.

Better work on those dresden plate blades before James gets home. He's working late today. Must be his punishment for staying home with me yesterday. He wasn't about to let me drive to the doctor's in the shape I was in. Oh well, he's off tomorrow and it's supposed to rain so there goes his golf game. He can sleep in.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

First Christmas runner


"Forced" myself to stay out of the bed to finish this. Actually, my nose is not running so bad now and I'm not sneezing as much. So, while watching the Eagles play, I thought I'd finish this. But, I'm tired now, so I think I'll go finish watching the game from my bed. Posted by Picasa

Still dizzy....after all these meds!

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This block is the one I'm going to use to make up some quick Christmas tablerunners. It will be interesting to see how the runners come out since I am STILL dizzy! I guess it's another trip to the doc's tomorrow. I can still feel pressure in my ears. No pain, thank goodness, just pressure and vertigo.

Okay, enough about my health status. Back to the block...This is a block from Quilter's Cache. I think it's labeled "Christmas Block". It's the last pattern with the word Christmas, anyway. The picture makes it look as if the left corner is not square, but the angle I held the camera and the waviness of the flannel under the block is what caused that. It really is 12 1/2".

I have finished the Advent quilts. Well, I'm tacking the binding on 7 more today. Then, I will add the prairie points and quilt the big quilt. I am so excited to have finally made this quilt. It is definitely one that I will keep. Have always wanted an Advent quilt but never got around to making one for my kids when they were home. This little quilt I made for Leota's grandkids about 10 years ago. Back when I didn't pay attention, much, to how the batting was going to act. So, it's a little wonky, but it works. They can put candy canes in the little pockets to countdown 'til Christmas.

Funny how you look back on projects and think, "I did that!" Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Hey Jude! Missin' you here, my workout buddy! But, that's ok, since I can't get to the gym feeling like this. I spent the better part of the evening in bed with my laptop last night watching "Mr. Jones", a Richard Gere movie. Not my favorite...

I think Jim finished up the breakfast dishes so I will get back to the Christmas blocks. Oh, I nearly forgot! I have another commission to do anothe turkey runner. Guess I'd better get that going, too.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Turkey time?


One more turkey runner. Actually, I made one day a few days ago and I did the cross-hatching on it as Linda suggested. Didn't take a picture of it and one of my customers bought it yesterday! So, I decided to make another one yesterday afternoon and finished quilting it this morning. This one I did a loopy stipple and it looks alright. I'll lay it out on my cabinet at work and see if I get another bite! lol

Still a bit dizzy this a.m. Coughed some last night. I was telling Judy that maybe I need to have my glasses checked since I seem to have more dizziness when I take my contacts out and put on my glasses. But, it may just be the state I'm in right now.

I better jump in the shower. Well, jump is too optimistic a word what with the way I'm feeling! lol It's more like ease my way into and lean against the wall. This, too, shall pass.... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still under the weather

In light of Linda's talk about the t-shirt quilts she's working on, I thought I'd show you the one I made for my son, the golfer. I made this one last year. This was before I quilted it. I just stitched lines across the blocks in an "X" to hold them all in place. It was one of the most popular quilts at the quilt show last year (among my quilt display).

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I did go to work this morning, took Dad to his cardiac 6-month follow-up, went back to work and got home around 2:30. I then spent the rest of the day and evening in the bed with the dizzies again. And, I've been coughing more tonight. I'm feeling a little better now that it's almost bedtime.

I had a pleasant surprise at work. One of the ladies that sat in on my reversible quilt technique demo came in for a haircut and brought along a baby quilt she'd made with that technique. She is quite an accomplished machine embroiderer and the quilt was just adorable. She said she really enjoyed working with the reversible technique and it really did work up fast for her. I'm always so happy to see how I've been able to help someone do something easier.

I did make another little quilt for the Advent quilt this afternoon, before I went to bed, but I'm not sure I like it. I may have to do it over. I should know better than to try to sew while dizzy! lol

My youngest son called to check on me this afternoon. Always a nice surprise. Then, I "talked" to my oldest son online tonight. I had my laptop in bed with me. I love my laptop...

Here's hoping for a better, more productive day tomorrow.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Blue, rainy Monday

Just got back from my visit with the doctor. Yup, decided I'd better go see what is going on since I woke up feeling like the little metal ball in a pinball game. I was bouncing from one side of the hall to the other and had lost all sense of balance! I woke up around 1:30 a.m., turned over in the bed and everything was suddenly moving all around me. I got up to go to the bathroom, holding on to everything as I went, got back in bed and woke up in the same situation. Long story short, I have inner ear problems and bronchitis, to boot! I knew I had a cold, but I didn't think it had progressed to bronchitis. Guess I'm more vulnerable now since I've had pneumonia and live with a smoker. So, I was given a steroid, antibiotic, nasal spray, cough medicine and a decongenstant. Oh, and it's cold and rainy outside! LOL

I have not even been able to work on anything quilty today. Soon as I finish posting, I want to work on the next Midget Block and/or one of the Advent quilts. I took all my meds after Jim and I went to Sonic for a burger. Won't have to worry too much about fixing dinner. And, the doc said to take a break from the gym for at least 3 days. That I am not crazy about. It's so easy to get out of the habit. After 8 months, I'm not about to stop. I'll get back by Thursday.

I'd better work on these blocks before I get too sleepy. Good thing this happened on my day off and Jim happens to be off today, too. I'm not sure I could've driven to the doctor's.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Midget blocks

Here's what I've started doing in my spare time. These midget blocks are part of an online project at a site called "Sentimental Stitches". If I was more proficient at doing the hyperlink thing, I'd set it up for you. I've got to get back to that...Midget Blocks

Thanks, Linda! Did it work?


These little blocks are 5" unfinished. They can all be paper-pieced but the flying geese block is the only one I did that way. The other two were easy enough to piece traditionally. They post instructions to one block on Monday mornings and you can get instructions to blocks that have been previously posted.

I've thought I might like to do the Dear Jane blocks and I think these will fit the bill nicely. Especially since the instructions are free! lol

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. Woke up with a sore throat and a nagging little cough. I'm hoping it's nothing more than allergies.

This past week had me working on those curtains for the shop. Got them all done and put up. Although, I think I still need to make one more to go over the door with the louvered windows. We couldn't decide if we should put one there, but it sure will finish the total look.

I've also been working on birthday blocks for another group I'm in. I had three to do this month. Birthdays, that is. I make two blocks from the fabric the birthday girl has sent. This time I've made the siggie blocks from leftover fabric. A star pattern works well to write in the center.

Better go check the lotto numbers. Might be rich! lol Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Change of pace

We finally decided to take down those hair posters after 15 years. Can you believe it? Those posters did their job, though. That morning sun is so bright that Leota would actually wear her shades for an hour or so in the morning while working on her first client. I'd been wanting to make curtains for these windows for a long time. Leota found the spring rods needed and I ran to Ben Franklin's yesterday and found the fabric I wanted to use. I also am making green ones for the windows on Joy's side of the building. What a difference they have made! I wish I had a before shot, but I don't think I even want to remember what it looked like! I still have three more mauve curtains to make and two more green ones. I'll try to get a few done tonight, but I've got to get my stuff ready for the presentation tomorrow.


I'm really looking forward to this presentation at the Sewing Basket tomorrow. I can't wait to show the ladies how to do the reversible quilt technique. I think I'll forego my gym visit tonight since I still need to fix dinner. I'll probably spend most of the night in the sewing room. Since Judy's in Albuquerque, having dinner with Governor Bill Richardson, I'll wait for her to go to the gym tomorrow night. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ruidoso trip


A fun time was had by all! We got back from Ruidoso late this afternooon and, boy, was I tired! After unpacking and starting some laundry, I took a quick nap before going off to the gym. The last picture is one of Robert and Mom (me) just before they started their round of golf. It was a picture perfect day although it did get a little windy and cold around hole 12 or so. But, it warmed up quickly after the little front passed. I hope you can tell what is in the other picture. The deer were roaming freely all over the golf course! They were feeding in people's backyards and crossing fairways. I was afraid they were going to get dinged with a golf ball.

The first picture is Rob (in blue) and Jim waiting on a tee box. Play was a little slow, but still relaxing. I think they both enjoyed it.

We also spent time at the casinos. No, we didn't come home any richer! Same as usual. Play a lot, win a little, lose a little more. But we had a great time. Posted by Picasa