Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still sweatin'...

and lovin' every minute of it! I finished another caddy last night and also worked on two more dishtowel dresses. The sunflower dress doesn't have it's ribbon yet. I thought about making the ties, but don't relish having to turn the tube. The tube turner I have is too big for this job. Yes, I could use a safety pin, but I don't wanna. lol
I wish I could say the sweatin' came from exercising, but it didn't. And, I didn't really sweat while working on these projects (I do sometimes, though!) In fact, instead of exercising, Judy and I went to eat at the new Fat Boy's BBQ place last night. Not too bad, but probably not a place I want to eat on a regular basis. I do want to try their salads eventually.
I gave Judy the first caddy I made last week and gave April the brown, flowery one I showed in the last post. They were both ecstatic! Okay, maybe not ecstatic, but they liked them.

It's Saturday again and a busy day scheduled at work. Thank goodness, because it's been a pretty slow week up until today. Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Caddie fever! lol

I really like the embroidery that is on the original design for this caddy, but I'm not fond of doing it. Oh, don't get me wrong..I enjoy the sit-down time it takes to get it done, but I get in a hurry. So, I decided to try my hand at one without the embroidery and it went much faster! lol In fact, it probably took about 30 minutes to put it all together. Hand sewing the binding to the back takes a few more, but that satisfies my "sit-down" time.

Just had to show this one so now I'm off to get this ol' body ready for the workday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just fooling around

I need to get serious about some larger projects but, in the meantime, I've just been messin' with little things. I found a pattern for these little cases and made the butterfly today. It was a challenge to make so I'm sure I won't make another one, but I can say I've done one. There are other little animals on the pattern pages and I may try one of them. I've started another armchcair caddy, too. I may make up more of them (armchair caddy) and have them ready for gifts.

At Dad's today I worked on, and finished, a baby rag quilt. I haven't taken a picture of it yet. Carol needs it for her great grandbaby's shower this weekend.

Seems like all I say is "it's time for bed!" But, that seems to be the hour I finally sit and write. Someone, Fran, I think, asked if the Bayer Back and Body works. It does. I sleep a bit better and don't wake hurting as much. However, I've also started taking another, natural relaxant at night. Last night was the first time I took it and I think it really helped. I'll try it again tonight and let you know.

Armchair Caddies

These can become addicting, it seems! I've posted pictures of the two I've finished so you can see the difference and the similarities. Gotta run. Early day today.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick gift

Happy Birthday, Leota! Tomorrow, anyway. I've made this summer bag for her here at the end of summer. Oh well. When I showed Dad this bag and told him who I'd made it for, he said, "It looks like Leota!" I think he means it's bright and colorful, just like Leota can be with her tie-dyed shirts and peace signs! lol I'll tuck the red dishtowel dress inside the purse and present it to her in the morning.

Time for bed. Think I'll take another Bayer Back and Body tablet and maybe get some sleep tonight.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sewing Caddy

I've been wanting to make something like this for quite sometime. Everytime I sit somewhere to sew, I can't keep up with my scissors and always need pins. I hope this will help. But, this one is a gift.
This caddy is still in progress. As you can see, the flowers were replaced with words in the first project. (My I really didn't want to do flowers, but this one calls for it. I still have to make the pincushion for the second one.
I may keep this one for me, maybe. I have enough fabric from the first one and I really like that one the best.

Dad is doing very well. Thank you, Lord! I need to take another picture of him. He's looking more like himself every day. I still go stay with him in the afternoons, but I can leave him a bit without worrying too much. We don't go to Lubbock again until next week. The legs are looking better.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vest comes home

Yes, it's home, but it's not finished. The back top is what I did, you might remember from about 6 months ago. I show it without the back bottom piece that was done because I'm not sure I'll keep that particular addition. I'm very happy with what was done on the front, but there is still a white space that needs to be filled. I'll work on that sometime.

I've added a few closeups of the front. I really like the button piece that was added to the end of the flying geese. It may pose a bit of a challenge when it comes time to binding.

The Celtic design is simply smashing. What a nice job! Very intricate and appliqued all by hand. I love it!
The covergence block is really nice and adds an element of depth. I really like the diminsional flowers, too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What would I do without the little projects?

I've made this little wallhanging several times and still like it. It ends up being about 12" square. Those of you that know me, know that I don't like to make anything more than once. But, this is so easy and such a nice little wedding gift (I hope the recipients think so, anyway lol). I added a little "made by" label and small "O" rings on the back making it ready for hanging. Now to find a suitable greeting card and maybe some wrapping paper.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Handtowel dress

Linda had this cute little dress on her blog so I had to find the tutorial. If anyone is interested, I will post it tonight. Oh, I think you can click on her name at the beginning of this post and find the tutorial site in her recent post. I'd better get to work!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lubbock trip

Very uneventful, except...if you have a handicap placard and you park in a handicap space, be sure to display it!! I didn't and so we got a ticket. They fined us $250! That should certainly deter non-handicap placard holders from parking in those spaces. I didn't see the green ticket stuck under the windshield wiper until we were flying down the road. I pulled over into a little picnic area because the little flapping I could see was making me crazy. Whoa! I could not imagine what I'd done. But, there it was, in black, white and red. I called the number they had listed and asked the lady what can be done in a case like this. After all, I DID have that placard tucked into the sun visor! She said to just make a copy of the placard showing the number and expiration date and return it with the ticket. Not a problem. It's done and in my purse ready to be mailed.
This little picture shows a top called "Just a Little Wedding". I've made several of these and find they make great little wedding/shower gifts. I need to have this one ready by this weekend.

I've also been working on a little wallhanging called "Twist and Shout". Pictures when I get it all together.

I'd better go check on the peach cobbler I've got in the oven.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Results are in...

I entered eight items in this year's county fair. Here you see seven of them since I can't show the bag I made for the swap. The bag did take a first place, blue ribbon, though! The blue and brown DWR that Rob and April are holding (it's theirs, lol) won a second place, red ribbon as did the Kaleidoscope quilt I'm holding. I was a little disappointed in that, but you never know what the judges will be looking for.

Leota's bra quilt, Crystal's Flip Flop quilt, the 4th of July tablerunner, the DWR with buttons (also Rob and April's), and the window frame Nativity Scene all took, drumroll, please.......first place! Each of them had a blue ribbon hanging from them.
Just as we were walking to the car to come home tonight, it started raining. The wind was blowing enough to kick up dirt which promptly got under my contacts. Ouch! It hurt all the way home and even now, it burns. But, it was worth the trip to see how my entries did.
A huge thanks to all of you that loaned me your quilts in order to have them displayed for a whole week at the fair. If you haven't been out there, go! They've got the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners separated so you can easily see who won what. The names of the exhibitors are written fairly large so you can see them from behind the chains that keep people from handling the exhibits.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Busy picture night

Considering I haven't been in the mood to do any sewing I've got quite a few pictures to show you. lol The first one shows you the center of the kiddie block quilt with all 20 blocks sewn in. If you look closely, the four on the end at the right are the ones I soaked in Restoration. I want to finish borders and then wash the whole thing again in the solution.
This shot shows 5" blocks made of half square triangles cut from my Starlight blocks. Every time I'm at Dad's I try to work on either the actual blocks or these little pinwheels. The stack of cutoffs was getting out of control, so I've been working on them more often.
Now here is a quilt top brought to me by one of my favorite clients. She said it belongs to her niece, I think, and that it was going to be given away. She decided to bring it to me to finish and preserve it for the family. I'm looking forward to finding the time to quilt it. The smaller picture is an experiment. With the quilt top, she brought about 20-30 stars already pieced. I'm not into setting in pieces, so I am going to applique them onto this yellow. It will be a slightly different version of the original. Isn't it fun?

I have spent the last few nights sitting here watching the Olympics. I enjoy the water sports and the gymnastics. Wow! These guys, and gals, are good! Way to go, USA!!

Since Jim has been in bed for almost two hours, I think it's time for me to call it a day. Sure hope he's not sick. I think he just got up too early to go play golf. Good thing he did..he won the tournament! Wore him out, I guess. lol

I have not heard how my things did at the fair. I suppose I'll hear tomorrow. If not, I'll see when I get out there. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Restoration is a wonderful product. Click on the word and it should take you to the page that will give you all the information about it.

Here you see before and after shots of pillowcases that Judy brought to me today. We colored her hair on Saturday and she forgot to put a towel on her pillow just in case the color rubbed off. It doesn't matter how well I shampoo that black color out, there is still some left! So, I brought them home and soaked them in Restoration and warm water for about 12 hours. It didn't pull it out completely. Black hair color is a bear to remove from fabric! But, I think you can see that it is much better. I think with further washings, it will fade even more.
I have to hit the sack now because I've got a busy day tomorrow. Gotta run the usual errands and take entries to the fairground for the fair. I've entered, online, eight different projects. Wish me luck!

I spent the night with Dad last night and he and I slept about 2 or 3 hours. He was up to the potty every 2 to 3 hours, sometimes less. Well, he got up 3 times and then was up for good at 6 a.m. I poured us each a cup of coffee and we sat in the living room watching Mass on television. Then I changed his dressings, he got cleaned up and ready for the day and I fixed breakfast. We were done by 8:30! LOL He's feeling better. But, I am beat. Oh, I did go to the doctor today and they tell me I don't have strep. Good news. I thought maybe it wasn't strep since I don't feel as bad as I did the last time I had it. But, there is something on my tonsil and she thinks it probably viral. Gave me a 'script for an antibiotic but told me to hold on to it for two days just in case I start feeling better. I have a feeling I will fill it tomorrow and start taking it. I'm feeling pretty yucky tonight.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

After Restoration

I wish you could see these in person! If you click on the picture below, before Restoration, and then click to enlarge this one, you can see that all the stains are gone! The yellowing of the muslin is even gone! Thanks, Judy, for finding this stuff! Now, though, I'll have to soak the entire quilt top with the rest of the blocks once I get it all together.

I woke up about 1:30 and could hardly swallow. I gargled with warm salt water, took an Aleve and slept until 6 a.m. I can swallow a bit easier but am feeling "blah". lol I've got a long day ahead, and night, so I better get going. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to me!

Yes, it's been two years today that I've been sharing my daily life and quilting adventures with you. Many people will have a give-away drawing in celebration but I have not had a chance to think about it. Maybe by my third blogiversary I'll have time to get it done.
I am soaking these four blocks in a solution called "Restoration". Judy brought it to me from Albuquerque today. I had not been able to remove the yellow or the stains with just a good wash and the usual stain removers. This stuff is good! I will soak the blocks overnight and once they're dry and pressed, I'll show you how good they look. They've only been in the solution for about 2 hours and the stain on the right hand corner of one of the lamb blocks is gone! Mind you, these stains are probably at least 40 years old!

I've had a funny feeling in my throat tonight and felt like I might coming down with something. When I was showing Jim that my throat was red, I noticed some white on one of my tonsils! The last time I had that, it was strep. Let's hope that's not what it is. I'm off to bed. I've an early day tomorrow since I have to relieve Dad's night girl then head to work by 9. Judy and/or Rob will relieve me for the day and then I'll go back to spend the night with him tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kiddie block stars??

Okay, so the stars aren't so noticeable. But, I still like the way they frame the blocks. Sitting in my chair, looking up at the design wall, I can see the stars formed by the yellow points. I guess the yellow is just not enough contrast against the muslin. Yes, I'm a little disappointed, but I will finish the last two rows just like the first two. There are actually twenty blocks, but four of them are just too stained to use. I will try to find another stain remover and work on them, but for now I'll just use these sixteen. If you click on the picture, you should get an enlargement and the stars will be more visible.

Another little peek

This should really give you an idea as to how the bag is looking. I'm done with it and just checked that the due date is Sept. 12, so, I am way ahead of myself. I think I can mail it around Sept. 1 and since it's going to (oops, I almost said where it's going! lol). Suffice it to say that I need to give it some time to get where it's going.

I am in the process of entering some projects in the Curry County Fair. Sheryl told me this morning that I have entered, in the past, as a professional. Therefore, I will have to do that again. Since I do sell some of my things and give workshops at times, I am considered a "pro". Who'd a thunk it?

Time to shower and move on outta here. I almost forgot that I have a 9 o'clock app't this morning so I have to get Brittany to the sitter earlier than I had first thought. I'm so thankful that Dad is getting along a lot better right now. He's dropped so much of his fluid weight that his oxygen levels are as good as mine! Woo hoo!! Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Rough draft

As you can see, I don't have all the yellow cornerstone squares on the flannel wall. I am just auditioning these colors. I think I like them. I may even go a step further and turn the cornerstones into stars by putting yellow corner triangles on the sashing ends. I love the design that appears when you do that. Maybe tomorrow night. Again, I am so tired.

I'm getting tired of saying "I'm tired!" lol One of my very wise clients said to me today, "Veronica, you are not tired. The word I would use to describe your condition is "weary"." That is exactly what I am. I don't feel like I regain any energy even if I do sleep through the night, which doesn't happen very often. As Jim pointed out, it's constant worry that makes me weary. Very true.. But, I cannot imagine doing anything less. Dad needs us. Period. Right now he's doing much better. I've even decided not to go over at 7:30 in the morning. The night girl is there until the day girl arrives and Joe is there until 8 a.m. So, now I will go over about 9 to pick Brittany up and take her to the sitter and then I'll get to work. Joe will take Brittany back to OKC on Friday. We had a little birthday party for her this evening. She is 9 years old! Wow. How time flies.

The bag for the bag/bucket swap is finished! I can't remember the exact due date for mailing the bag, but it's sometime in September so I'm ahead of the game, for once. I finished the inside tonight. I would still like to find some really cute zipper pulls. Pictures later..

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Once I got back from Dad's, (he's doing better, by the way) I was able to do some serious stitching on the bag for the swap. Here you see a sneak view of what I've done. I'm not sure when I can show you the whole thing. Probably not until I send it off to the recipient. I'm not completely done with it. Still need some finishing touches.

After I sat through a two-hour Scentsy webinar (lots of new and exciting information for the coming Fall months) I decided to work with the Kiddie Blocks. I was going to just unstitch them but found that was going to take too long and I would need to square them up afterwards anyway. So, I just cut them from the plain yellow fabric just inside the seam line. I washed the quilt top prior to working with it, but I still see some stains on some of the blocks. And, the blocks have really yellowed with age. Some more than others. I'm almost afraid to try any stain removal because I don't want the paint to get any dimmer. I can't believe how well the paint has held on!

Again, it's time to get to bed. I will probably take Dad to Lubbock tomorrow since we missed last Monday. He's doing so much better now that he and I will probably head out by ourselves.