Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally, a finish

Here's the yellow background quilt I had been asked to finish for a client/friend. The top is very, very old. I don't know exactly how old, but I would imagine at least 50 years. Some of the seams of the stars were coming apart so I had to mend them. I hope they will be happy with the design I decided on for the quilting. It feels good to finish a larger project for a change.

I've started a quilt for my niece's baby to be born in November. It will use blocks that Mom and Aunt Dolores painted many years ago. I'll post a picture as soon as I get them put together. If you look closely, you can see a snippet of the pieces of the quilt in the left bottom corner.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's chilly outside!

Yes, it's 48 degrees as I write. The little hat I crocheted actually fit little Miss Kerrington. She left it on long enough for me to take a picture but as soon as I left her alone, off it came. It took a minute, but she managed to pull it off. Then she tried to put it back on. That was too cute. Then again, anything this little angel does is too cute! I posted the second picture so you can see how pretty her eyelashes are growing in.

I've been working on an afghan for a baby gift. Although, tonight I had to cut some fabric for a project I committed to last week. The quilt top must be done and out of here before October 1. Wish me luck! I cut over 200 squares tonight in about 45 minutes and decided I was tired. I don't want to make any mistakes so I'll finish cutting tomorrow.

Time to head to bed. Jim will get up early to hit the links. I hope it's not much colder than it is now!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bits and pieces

The newest addition to my sewing room is this 22" flat screen, Phillips television. I was having some issues with my old TV so I decided to treat myself to a new one. I love it!
Sew, what's this, you say? A jelly roll? No. One of those MRI pictures sliced to show the inner workings of our brain? lol No. It's part of my collection of odds and ends of bindings. When I make binding for a quilt, big or small, I never measure so as to come out "just right". I like to have some left over so I can use the pieces on scrap quilts. I love the effect of a scrappy binding.

Alright, I admit it. I didn't feel like working on the quilt tonight so I found some stray pink yarn and worked up this little beanie cap. After all, it's getting cooler outside and little heads with little or no hair will need to keep warm. I hope this one fits Kerrington. If not, it will go to a certain not-yet-born baby girl in OKC :-)

We all went to dinner tonight at Applebees. Judy, Joe, Robert, April, Kerrington, Jim and I. We had an enjoyable time and the food was good. Jim might have something to say about that since the veggie on his plate was (gasp) broccoli! But, I am proud to report he ate it all. He was hungry! lol

Off to bed in anticipation of another Saturday morning. Busy day ahead of me. Thank you, Lord! It's also massage day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An angel surprise

A quick note as I am walking out the door. I received this angel in the mail yesterday. Many, many thanks to my friends at QOR (Quilts on Review). It touched my heart to know that someone I have not even met has taken the time to make something for me to ease my sorrow. Thanks again to whomever requested this little angel and to the kind lady, Elaine, who crocheted her.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wordy, but informative (says who?)

Well, I've got the quilt ready for quilting! Picked it up off the living room floor. I had not spray basted it after laying it out for a week (or more) so this morning I decided it just HAD to be done. Jim was gone to play the second day of his golf tournament so I had the house to myself. Have I started quilting on it? No. I think I've decided on the pattern I'm going to use, but I have a feeling the quilt itself is going to give me some trouble. Remember I had to re-do the borders because it was too wavy to quilt as it was when my client brought it to me. But, the inner part of the quilt is so loose because of bias edges, I don't know what it's going to do. I only hope that the quilting will help to lay it flat. Please send a prayer and all the good wishes you have to help me get this done! I only have about two weeks to finish it.

Here's a new little pincushion I worked on tonight. Not my best work, but it holds pins. I need to get a few things together for my swap pals and just can't seem to settle on any projects. I hate it when I get in these slumps. I started, and stopped, a little embroidery piece because I just can't seem to get the satin stitching right. I'll try something else.

Remember I said Jim was gone to play in a tournament? He won first place in his flight! He was excited. Won a little bit of money for his efforts. And, let me tell you, it was an effort! This morning his tee time was 7:10. Therefore, he had to get up at 5:30! He didn't even do that when he was working! LOL I didn't wake up since I decided to sleep in the other room so I didn't hear the alarm. I appreciate that he didn't expect me to get up with him. I'd made muffins the night before so that's what he took for breakfast. He even went a bit further with his spoiling of me in that we went to Chili's for lunch/dinner! We had a nice time.

Right after we got home, Joe stopped by to visit for a minute. Needless to say, I didn't get to the gym again. Will have to make an honest effort to do so this week. I'm thinking that three times a week may be all I can do for a while. Maybe the idea of going 6 days a week, like we did last time, is playing games with my mind. I need to start slow.

I've been feeling sorry for myself all day in spite of all the good things that have happened. Yesterday afternoon, after I got up from my nap in anticipation of going to dinner with Jim, I had to rinse my contacts. In doing so, I inadvertently squirted heavy duty CLEANSER on my contact and proceeded to insert it into my eye! Ouch! And double, Ouchh! In all the 30-plus years I've worn contacts, I've never done that. Boy, did I feel the burn! My eye swelled, turned red and hurt like crazy. Could not put my contacts back in, of course. On top of that, I'd come up with a fever blister on my lip that morning. So, the whole of the right side of my face was/is a total mess! LOL My eye is much better today but I still only wore my glasses. The fever blister has been tended to all day with Abreva. Here's hoping that all the hype about Abreva is true! Let's see, I started applying it on Saturday morning, as soon as I felt the tingle, and it's now Sunday. I'll let you know how long I have to deal with it. Normally, I think my fever blisters last about 5 - 7 days, sometimes longer if they get out of hand. Once, the blister spread from my lip to my chin! I know, Jim and Judy have reminded me, several times, no grama kisses tomorrow! :-( Kerrington won't know how to act if she can't plant a few kisses on grama's nose! lol

I guess I should've known I'd come down with the blister since I've had a couple of "down" weeks. Just haven't felt like myself. Felt lazy and it was all I could do to get done what needed doing. Sometimes even that was left undone for a day or two. Let's hope the coming week finds me in better spirits and more energetic!

Have a good Monday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sew, what's new with you?

Here I've been rambling on about all the "little things" I've been doing and haven't taken the time to catch up on the rest of your lives. Is everyone as busy as I seem to be? I want to start commenting on blogs I read, if only to say, "howdy!" because I know how it feels to write and wonder if anyone reads... Oh, I know ya'll do read because those of you that see me in person tell me you do. I think you enjoy seeing the pictures I post, therefore I try to have at least one or two in every post. Today's pics are a tablerunner I'm making for a friend and another set of Church Dolls for Mattie, Kerrington's little cousin who goes to church with her. I don't want them to fight over their dolls! So, a set for each.

I've been toying with the idea of having a little drawing. It will entail you to leave a comment and it will mean I will have to come up with a prize! LOL Therein lies the dilemma. Stay tuned for details.. How's that for a tease? :-)

Time to get ready for the day. I spent the most wonderful two days with Miss Kerringtotn. She's sitting up on her own now and making the most beautiful sounds. As soon as I can get pictures off of my phone, I'll let you see how big she's getting. Have a great day!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Summer's end sundress

One more little sundress for Kerrington before the summer is totally gone. Surely we'll have a few more days when she can wear this. Please excuse the sink and counter. We were at Judy's and she was fixing spaghetti for dinner.

I had to add another water picture of Kerrington wearing her sunhat.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

It's the little things that count!

Here I go again. I have a large quilt laid out on the floor waiting for spray basting and quilting but I would rather work on something small. The monkey blanket was made one morning this week before work. It's for a friend's new grandbaby. The "Church Dolls" I made this morning. I made the pouch last night and the dolls this morning. This one is Kerrington's and I plan on making another one for her cousin, Mattie. They go to church together so I want them both to have one. Judy reminded me that the dolls are just the right size for K's mouth so maybe they'll wait until she's done teething before she plays with them at church.

It's after 1 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon and we plan on going to a movie later so I'd better get a move on. I got up around 7, worked on the dolls, made breakfast then did some farming. So, I still need to shower and get dressed. Rob and April are back in town after a quick trip to the lake this weekend. Maybe we'll see Miss K tonight!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More Kerrington and Sept. BOM

Kerrington has the sweetest little laugh. I thought I was getting the heartiest of her laugh this afternoon until I realized my camera was not in record mode. That's why you see such a bad start to the little bit I did get on video.

This first picture shows her as she was this morning. Bless her heart...her teeth are giving her fits! She was not feeling very well this morning and you could see it in her little face. In the second picture, she's "modeling" the sundress I made her. I had to lay her on the floor to take the picture because she's not quite steady standing on her own yet.

The September BOM is this little apple basket. I used some fabric with apples on it and just cut the apples and leaves then appliqued them to the background, ala Broderie Perse method. I hope to get it ready for hanging tonight.