Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quilting 201?

Here we are after a long afternoon of working on these quilt-as-you-go tablerunners. We started about 12 noon and finished about 8 p.m. These girls worked hard! I think they did a great job from choosing their fabrics to finishing up the runners. April even put buttons on her's! Judy hand stitched her binding while April put her's on with the machine. They learned a lot today and I am very proud of them. I think they were a bit leary at first because the pattern was a bit intimidating, especially when it looked for a minute there that I didn't know what the directions were trying to tell me! lol But, I'd made this pattern before so I knew it would work out.

While we worked, Rob and Jim played a round of golf. After they'd been home awhile, we decided we would like tacos for dinner. Rob and I ran to WalMart while the girls sewed their bindings on. Robert and Judy then proceeded to make tacos and Spanish rice. Yumm!! Thanks, guys!

Now the dining room and kitchen are back to normal and Jim and I are left wash dishes. That's ok. Most of us used paper plates. lol Rob ran a plate over to Dad. He's doing great. He and I go to Lubbock tomorrow for a checkup.


Franie said...

VERY NICE! Love the bright colors! What a great way to spend an afternoon--my type of fun.

Susan said...

Oh, you ladies all did such a great job. Isn't it fun to see the same pattern in different fabrics? It really gives you a good idea about how flexible the pattern is. These ladies are really taking to quilting - must have something to do with the excellent teacher. =)