Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Missing the blogsperience

2011. That was the year I last posted on this blog. With the introduction of Facebook, I've been too busy to take the time to journal. It's a shame, too. Just in the last few months, I've had occasion to reach back into this blog to find pictures and dates that might've otherwise been lost forever. I'd really like to get back to blog land but it seems I've forgotten how to navigate the site. I'm not sure anyone will read my entries but I think I need to document important dates, ideas, pictures, witty sayings by grand kids, etc. First, I need to learn my way around again.

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Anonymous said...

If you figure out how to add the follow by e-mail widget to your sidebar, I'd love to follow and never miss a post. The one on binding was really helpful for a friend of mine.