Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Journal covers

These are so easy to make. What are they, you say? You know those composition books you used in school? Or, maybe some of you use one to keep a diary or journal. We are having a journal cover swap in one of my online groups. I wanted to do something "cool" but, instead, it's "hot"! LOL I had to hurry and make a cover since I hadn't taken the time to do it and we have to post a picture by the end of the month. And, since I'm leaving early in the morning, I thought I'd better get it done now.
The second cover is actually the first one I made a month or so ago. I gave it to my dad covering a book that he uses now to write in. I was hoping he'd keep a daily journal of sorts, but I don't think he's been keeping it up. Maybe he writes in it every now and then. That's good, too.


Candi said...

Veronica I LOVE the chili book cover! My brother is a tabasco nut and we're always looking for things like that as gifts for him.
It's too cool.

Heather said...

Those journal covers are great! Is there a pattern available for these somewhere? I think they'd make great gifts for my coworkers. Thanks!