Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A "magnificent" bag!

Could not resist making another one of May Britt's bag. Instead of the stitchery, though, I used a little panel that Deborah gave me a while back. These will make great gift bags. Yes, I spent the night just doing this. Oh, the front panel is actually a little pocket on the outside of the bag.

I have been having some pretty good hot flashes and everyone around me tells me it's cold! lol Well, they're not really flashes because I seem to stay hot all the time. Maybe it's the fact that I've been trying to lose some weight. Maybe my metabolism is revving up! lol I can dream, can't I?


May Britt said...

Great photo of the bag. Love the saying of it. Of course we are getting magnificent.

Jen said...

Great use for that panel. I have a panel of that too and still hadn't figured out what to do with it!

Mary Ann said...

Hi there! Love your blog! May I ask where you can buy those panels?! I never see anything like that over here in Denmark!!!
Have a great day! Mary Ann