Sunday, September 07, 2008

So many projects...

and so little time! The dresses are so easy to make that I am slipping into a lazy mode these days. So, I thought I'd work on the pinwheels for a while. The design wall is occupied with the kiddie blocks (still) so I had to lay the pinwheels on the basket under the ironing board. Pretty bad, huh? If I'd finish the kiddie block quilt, I'd be able to get more done since the design wall would be free. I just can't decide how to finish off the KQ! My brain just won't cooperate with that project right now. All I want to do is make more stitchery items. The pincushion I made on Sunday night because, again, I didn't want to work on anything bigger. But, I needed to make another stitching project for my swap pal.
The bag/bucket swap went out in the mail last week. It is going out of the country. As soon as it arrives at it's destination, I hope my swap partner will take a picture of herself holding the bag. I'll keep you informed.

I spent the night at Dad's last night to give Joe a break. The night girl is out of town. I'm not sure we'll even have her back since Dad seems to be doing so well. He's been a bit out of sorts lately, but I think he's a little worried about Chris not being there at night. Although, he did very well last night. He got himself up only twice and he didn't even call me. I heard him as he was returning to his room. Once he peeked into my room and asked, "Are you okay?" LOL

Time to work on dinner and maybe some stitching.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting. Here is your father with his illness and his parental instinct stills kicks in (asking you if you were okay).

naomijacobs1 said...

Okay Veronica,
I'm tired of wondering! Those towel dresses. . . . .are they for wiping your hands? Or really a dress? I guess I missed that somewhere along the line. . . .you're so prolific!


Anonymous said...

Love the little chicken dress! Love the pinwheels - you used great fabrics. Really, really want the pincushion. LOL!

I just realized the bag design was from May Britt. I had downloaded the pattern a while back when she put it on her blog, and then I forgot about it.

Becky said...

Where did you get that dress pattern? i'd love to make some for gifts.