Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Uncle Henry is a video freak! Here he's captured Kerrington and Grama V. on Halloween night with K wearing her punkin hat that Grama crocheted after work today. Yes, I made it in one hour! I came home and was reading emails when I came across one that had a link to make a crocheted pumpkin hat. An hour later, it was done! I wish I'd had a darker orange yarn, but, hey! This worked.

In this next little clip, Kerrington is wearing her Ladybug costume. Her mama made her wings. Her shoes were a special gift from her Grama Camille (Gramille).

We had a wonderful little get-together at Auntie Judy's house. She made dinner for us..enchiladas, tacos, beans, rice, chips and dip. I made pink fluff for dessert. Those in attendance were Uncle Henry, Aunt Shanon, Grama V., Papaw Jim, Auntie Judy, Uncle Joe, Daddy Robert, Mama April and Baby Kerrington.


Zlaty said...

Super cute! Happy Halloween!


Deb said...

Kerrington is growing up so quickly Veronica, she is such a cutie.
Could you share the link you found for the hat?