Sunday, November 15, 2009

A very lazy Sunday

Kerrington spent the night with Gramma and Grampa last night. Auntie Judy was here until K fell asleep. While she was awake though, Kerrington enjoyed playing with my skein of red yarn. So, this afternoon I made her a red ball with a little black ruffle (to hold on to). I also added, (second picture) about 10 strings of red for her to play with. She seemed to enjoy wrapping the thread around her fingers. Almost as though she was about to start crocheting! LOL

This quilt, front and back, is one that came in Judy's mail on Saturday. Was she ever surprised! I was too, but not so much once I saw it. I remember the bulls-eye blocks and I know how generous my online quilting group can be. Yes, Quilters on Review sent Judy a comfort quilt to use whenever she is missing Dad. Are they not the best quilters in the world? Thank you, all!

It's almost 10:30 and I should go to bed. In regard to the title of this post, I laid down for a nap at 12 o'clock noon and did not wake up until 3! When I woke up, I thought it was morning! It's not that I had a rough night with Miss K because she did very well with us, but I guess I was just tired. I'll do that some weekends. So, I should go on to bed and get some extra rest. Have a good week!

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