Thursday, December 10, 2009

Again with the caps and other things

Amy wanted to see pictures of the caps I've been crocheting. I think I've posted the group pic before, but here it is again. And, of course, two of the caps I've made for Miss K. The brown hat with the flower is her mama's. April is one of those people that can put on a hat and look great. I am not. I also made her a gray hat with a light blue flower that matches her scarf. (Pictured in this group somewhere)I will leave you with these few shots of crocheted items. I've also made nine other caps for clients. Didn't take a pic of them. I'm off to work!

Oh, the the last picture shows wrist warmers that I took to a Christmas party for an exchange. The lady they were given to was ecstatic since she always has cold hands.


Amy said...

I love the hats!!! I can not show some of mine until the recipient gets it. I also love,love,love the wrist warmers, one of my daughters wants some, I actually took a break from one of them to get online real quick..THANKS for sharing.

Molly said...

Your caps look great, I love the different colors and especially the flower on the side. I might have to make some wrist warmers, I am on my last scarf but I still have some time. you have done a great job, take care of yourself.

Wilma NC said...

Love the hats and wrist warmers. I'm still trying to find an easy hat pattern, lol.