Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas, it's really gonna happen!


I didn't think I would decorate this year since it's already the 17th but I got home from work today and decided to "just do it!" Jim had told me several times that he would help so I called on him and he did. Last year I had packed everything and stored it in the spare room closet so we didn't have to get into the attic.

I have many, many Nativity scenes but this year I decided to put up just the one big one that Mom gave me the last Christmas she was with us. She gave Judy one just like it. I set it up under the tree.


The Christmas tree afghan on the sofa is one I crocheted a long time ago. I love this thing. It was one of the first big afghans I crocheted. The stockings don't have a proper mantel to hang from, but I still like to hang them as best I can on the fireplace screen. Since we don't burn wood in the fireplace, they're pretty safe.

Both my granddaughters will be with us this Christmas so that was the biggest reason I decided to put the tree up. Children need tradition. What the hey..adults do, too!

I had to go the long way around to post this entry and that's why the text doesn't follow the pictures exactly. I figure ya'll can make sense of it, though.


Wilma NC said...

Your house looks pretty!!!

ANudge said...

Love the decorations. You're right we need tradition. I wasn't going to do any either, but I have gotten something in each roon of the season.

Merry Christmas, V

Tammy said...

Everything looks so nice! Happy holidays!