Friday, December 04, 2009

Last of the BOM project

The December Block of the Month is done. Whew! What WILL I do now? I don't need another set of Jan. - Dec. blocks but I really have enjoyed the challenge of completing the wallhanging before the month was out. I guess I'll just have to surf the 'net until I find something I'll enjoy doing for a year.

I spent the day at home today instead of going to work. I am not coughing as much, just take a few spells every now and then. My voice is gradually coming back. I think I'll go to work tomorrow.

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~Joann~ said...

Wow veronica~ It's the 5th of the month and you are just now posting your block usually you have it up before the end of the day on the first of the month. Love your new vehicle, I really love my van but sometimes I wish we had something a little smaller. Have a great Weekend, hope you are feeling better.