Sunday, January 10, 2010

Judy's new digs

If you look closely, you can see the three amigos in the doorway. We were leaving to go to the store and they lined up to say goodbye. There's Paco, Zed, and Sunshine.
Here's a shot of her new kitchen as seen from the hall that goes to the master bedroom. It's a four bedroom house with lots of room for boxes as you can see in the living room shot.

The living room view is taken from the front door.

She has no cable until Tuesday but finally got her internet hooked up. That's her lifeline these days! We get on Windows Live Messenger and can see each other with our cameras and talk in real time. Pretty nifty. I'm talking to her as I type.

Tomorrow is her first day at her new job. We got to meet one of her associates and her husband while we were there. She's in good hands. Thanks, Lorri and Jim, for taking care of her for us! They are the best!

I have jury duty in the morning so I better get my clothes together. I've unpacked but I should do some laundry. I won't get to see Kerrington for another day!

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