Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Staying busy

Many moons ago (about three or four months, actually) I received a gift card from Homespun Hearth. Remember when I made a top for them when they needed some made up quickly? Anyway, that was my payment and I finally ordered something with it. These two blocks are the beginning of the project that came as a kit. I've decided that having a kit, (all the fabric included) is the only way I am going to get back into the quilting swing. These blocks need to be embroidered and then I'll work on two more. Never mind that I have a truckload of other projects I should be doing. THIS is what I want to do now.
Before I received the quilt kit in the mail, I worked on one more crocheted item. This little sweater went to a friend's niece who is having a little girl in a few weeks. I also made a little hat to match but forgot to take a picture. After I took the pic of the sweater, I added a pink ribbon around the neck. Very cute.

Another crochet project I've been working on is a prayer shawl. Actually, several of them. The gals in my QOR group were talking about them the other day and I was intrigued. So, I did a little research and came up with a pattern to use.
I hope to make up several more to keep on hand. There is always someone who can use a prayer shawl.

"A Prayer Shawl is a knitted, crocheted or quilted shawl. It is made to be given to a person in need with the intent to shelter, comfort and give solace to the recipient. It enfolds the wearer in a warm tangible hug.
Why is it called a prayer shawl? As each shawl is being created, its maker is in prayer for the future recipient. The Shawl Ministry group often prays together for the recipients.
A prayer may start by affirming the Lord’s love and mercy and go on to ask that he show mercy to, or give comfort to the receiver of the shawl. It may ask for restored health or faith for the receiver. The prayers are heartfelt and individual to specific needs." Taken from BellaOnline. Maybe doing this will help me get a bit more centered, too.

I was able to come home early today because K's other grandparents relieved me of my babysitting duties. They had been in Lubbock and stopped by to visit and so I took them up on it. April was home, too, since she severely sprained her ankle last week and was up on it too long at work yesterday. I was going to go get supplies for work, but the wind was too fierce. I decided to come home and blog.

This weekend is my oldest son's 35th birthday. We will probably celebrate by going out to dinner as we do for everyone's birthday. Time to do a Google search for some of the items he requested.

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Yvonne said...

love all of your new projects! Y