Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No quilting going on

No quilting going on, except for a little bit of embroidery on quilt blocks, but a lot of crocheting happening around here. My QOR friends are an endless source of ideas and projects. Talk centered around "prayer shawls" a few weeks ago. I showed a picture of the first one I made in a previous post. Here you see a white one I made for a birthday gift. The crocheted rosary is made of the same yarn as the prayer shawl and will go along with the shawl. I found the rosary pattern while surfing for another prayer shawl pattern.

Crochet projects are much easier to pick up, and put down, especially while a person is not feeling up to par. Yup, the old flu bug has hit us. Kerrington came home with it first (at least that's where we think it started. She actually cut another tooth and we thought that might've made her sick). But, then her daddy got sick, I got sick and now her momma is sick. K, Robert and I are about to get over it, I think, but April is still pukey. Check her blog to see a picture of her swollen ankle after her fall.

I've been up about two hours now and I can feel that I'm slowy fading. I will sit in the glider for a while and do some crocheting and then I'll probably go lie down. Jim has been so great in helping me while I've been down. I've had him running back and forth with Tylenol, crackers, ginger ale, etc. I don't know how ya'll do it that live alone. I feel for you. I hope you all are well and don't get this crud!


Deb said...

Hope you're feeling a lot brighter soon Veronica. Take care
hugs Deb

Cindy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't well.You just keep on resting and soon you'll be your old self again. You're right it's not easy being sick when you live alone but you do manage. The prayer shawl is lovely.

Anonymous said...

V., Hope you are feeling better soon.....with the weather we are having you have a good excuse to stay home and rest. Your prayer shawls are lovely and I know that they will be loved and appreciated by the wearers.
Hugs, B