Sunday, February 21, 2010

Short month, long story

The proof is in the, posting - wait, make that "non-posting". I am not a good blogger. lol Maybe at one time I was an excellent blogger, but no more, it seems. Before I begin a long diatribe, I will treat you to a couple of current pictures of our Miss K.

She is modeling a little hoodie vest I crocheted for her. What a joy she is! I told Jim last night that I sure miss the little toot when I don't see her for a few days. How can you not fall in love with a precious baby like this? Especially when you take care of her three days a week and she rests on your chest to fall asleep. Or, when she just lies in the crook of your arm and reaches out to stroke your arm with the softest little hand. Then there are those open mouth kisses that come at you with no request. She's walking now and will toddle toward me with her story book in hand. The return of her mama and daddy at day's end elicits squeals of delight and smiles to melt the stoniest heart. When she hears her Auntie Judy and/or Papaw Jim on the phone, she just wants to kiss the phone. Jude, I try to remember to show her your picture every day so you won't be a stranger when you come home. Next month is her first birthday!

As you can probably guess I could go on and on about Miss K. But, there have been other things happening in the past two weeks since I last posted. Let's see..there's been jury duty, cleaning out Mom and Dad's house to get it ready for renters, a stomach bug, fever blisters, prayer shawls, friends and surgeries, etc. Oh my.

Thank goodness that I have not been chosen to serve on a jury. I've shown up for all but one of my jury summons and have been sent home with others not chosen. Several of the cases have been DUI cases and I have to admit to the lawyers that I am not at all comfortable with a case dealing with alcohol. I have strong opinions on the subject so apparently, I wouldn't be a fair juror. Works for me.

Yes, we are going to rent Mom and Dad's house for now. A friend of the family and her husband had been looking for a place and I am more than happy to be able to help them. I think they will be fine renters and it will be nice to know that the place is being taken care of. Not to mention that it will help with the house payment. So, cleaning out 50 plus years of memories has been a little stressful, to say the least. Since I am the only one left in town to get this done, with a LOT of help from my husband, sons and friends, it's been a little rough. Our living room is filling up with boxes filled with things I'm not quite sure what to do with. We're trying to get the furniture sold to whomever needs what we have before we finally take the rest to a consignment store. I hope I've managed to save things that my sister and brother would like. Judy did specify a few things and I know she wishes she could be here to help. By the way, she is LOVING her job in Las Cruces and I am so happy for her!

I have forgotten to take pictures of the prayer shawls I've made for friends recently. It seems that several of my buddies have had to go under the knife for various reasons, mostly heart repairs. My closest friend will have surgery on Monday to help ease her headaches. It will be neck surgery, the kind where they go in through the front of your throat to work on the back of the neck. Scary stuff.. That's Leota, for those of you that know her. I made her a bright red prayer shawl since she loves red. The sister of a co-worker, Dolores, had open heart surgery so I have a shawl ready for her. One of my favorite clients also underwent heart surgery last week and her shawl is almost ready.

Truth be told, I need to be working on getting my tax info ready for Judy when she comes home in March for K's birthday. So, I will leave you now in order to get cracking on some of that before James wakes up and my day starts. We will spend a good chunk of the day at Dad's house. Until next time..

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