Saturday, February 06, 2010

What's kept me busy..

Here are a couple of pictures I took of K last week. She's growing so fast and is trying to take her first steps. She will let go and walk a step and then fall into the couch or table, whatever is closer. One of these days...
The little rocking chair she is standing near is one that I, her 54 year old gramma, sat in when I was her age. I have a picture somewhere of me sitting in it, but I can't find it right now. The chair has been recovered several times, but it's still the same chair. All the kids in our family have had a chance to sit in it through the years.

I hope my brother does not read my blog until after he receives his birthday package. I made this little wallhanging for him. One of the first quilts I made was one with pictures of Mom and Dad and after Dad passed, Robert asked for it. So, I promised Henry I'd make him one all his own.


Amy said...

What a nice wallhanging.the grandbaby is gorgeous!!good to see ya,Amy

~Joann~ said...

Hey Veronica~ I was just realizing that this past Christmas was one year since I met you through that mishap of a swap, I still feel incredibly stupid about it and kick myself for not being able to figure it out and send you something grand. Anyway that's in the past and from that "incident" I met you and have enjoyed both your blog and your friendship over this past year. Thanks so much for both they have been a blessing to me very much.

ANudge said...

Great wall hanging, V - sure your brother will cherish it.

Glad you are better. Your crochet projects are awesome.

K gets cuter by the day. And how old is she now?


Barb on cape cod said...

I love the wallhanging! I bet your brother will love it. Your granddaughter is getting so big, and more beautiful every day!