Sunday, April 18, 2010

A little more K

One more shot of K in her little summer dress. I have not seen this little doll since last Wednesday. I've been sick since I left their house last week! I am definitely feeling much better and can't wait to see this baby girl! Tomorrow! By the way, the "table cover" on the round glass table is my snuggie. It was the closest thing to grab to cover the round glass edges so K won't hurt herself. We have old-fashioned furniture. lol We need what Rob and April have. An ottoman/coffee table covered in leather. No sharp edges.

This looks like the picture of the previous embroidered heart block but it isn't. It's another "shower of hearts" for another grieving online buddy.

I have been lazy, lazy, lazy since Thursday morning. Thanks to Leota and the others at work for covering for me the last part of the week. But, I think I really needed the off-time. Jim has been so patient and helpful. Thanks, honey.

So, I will go have another cup of peppermint tea. Yes, Judy, I finally took your advice :-). Since I have a pretty good sized little patch of fresh peppermint growing right outside my kitchen window, I should've been doing this all along. I really couldn't smell the first cup I had this morning but my senses are slowly returning. Have a good night and stay healthy!

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