Saturday, April 24, 2010

What are friends for?

To make your day brighter, of course! Look at the beautiful princess cake my friend, Kathee, made for my birthday. She is one talented mail carrier! In addition to being so cute, it's mmm-mmm good! There is moist chocolate pound cake under that gorgeous skirt. Thank you, Kath!

I am feeling mucho better today. Still coughing a bit, but I hear it's all the rage these days. It seems this bug is a bugger to get rid of. But, I worked all three days even though I didn't work as hard as I like to. Baby steps... Hopefully, next week I can do my usual five days in three.

I got home early today since it was part of my plan to take it easy. I really thought I'd go by Hobby Lobby and spend a little of my birthday card money, but I just wasn't "feelin" it. So, I stopped and picked up lunch for us and came on home. I really would like, and should want, to work on the police badge quilt. Here's a sneak peak at what I've started. I wish these were the only badges they wanted used on the quilt but there are many, many more. I'm still trying to decide how best to attach them to the quilt top. The quilt itself will probably be 6 blocks by 6 blocks. (Each block is formed with the plain light blue in the center surrounded by the darker strips.)

Now that I've caught ya'll up on my week, I'm going to take out my contacts and lay down for a short nap. Perhaps, when I awaken, I will have more energy to work on the quilt.


Deb said...

Happy belated beirthday Veronica, sorry I missed it. Pleased to hear that you are sounding and feeling brighter.
hugs Deb

Trish said...

The badge quilt is going to be very nice.
I used to attach Brownie and bowling badges to shirts and I just used a straight stitch on my sewing machine with a matching thread colour. I would sew right through the satin edge of the badge. You can't see the stitching and they don't come off, even after washing the shirts many, many times.