Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another comfort quilt

I love "quilt-as-you-go"! This one is almost completely quilted as of tonight. The two rows on the left need quilting then I can start putting them together. I'll add the binding, and, poof, it's done! I'm using a very simple quilting pattern so it's going very fast. I'll probably rearrange some of the blocks so the dark ones are not close to each other. When it's totally finished, it will look a bit different because the thin sashing that will hold them together will add to the design. I plan on using a dark blue to sash the front. Maybe on the back, too. I'll post a picture of the back when I'm done.

Not too busy at work, but tomorrow may prove differently. No surprise since it's Friday.

Dad is doing a bit better with the new diuretic they put him on and the oxygen he's breathing. He informed me tonight that the pills in his Saturday box were there because he moved them from the Wednesday box. When I asked why, he said 'cause he forgot to take them Wednesday morning! Guess I'll have to start checking them more closely.

I thought I might finish the quilt tonight, but I am really tired. As long as I have it ready to mail by Monday, I think I'll be doing fine. Have a good weekend if I don't see you 'til next week!


jillquilts said...

I love those blocks and colors! Looks almost like snowflakes and winter!

Susan said...

That quilt has such a lovely wintery look about it!

Glad the meds are helping your dad. I've forgotten to take my pills a time or two. It isn't just your dad. =)