Friday, October 12, 2007

"I Spy Crazy 9 Patch"

This one is made from fat quarters I have accumulated throughout the last few years. Exchanges for birthdays, bingo winnings and other occasions have brought me many different kinds of FQs. Most of these are children's prints.

Let me back up...Last Monday I went to my local quilt group meeting. We left with instructions to cut fabric for next month's program. It will be a Crazy 9 Patch lesson. I couldn't wait. So, I found some sketchy instructions online to help me get started. (We only got cutting instructions at the meeting.) Then, in order not to have another UFO needing to be quilted, I decided to go ahead and quilt-as-you-go this one. Hence, the back of it has the car fabric connected with red strips. I'm not sure I cut and sewed the blocks like you're really supposed to, but it will do. Ultimately, this will be a donated quilt.

Only one more week before Rob and April's wedding. I pray that Dad will stay healthy enough to attend. I'm a little worried about him since he had his flu shot this last Monday. He has not felt well at all, and today seemed to be the worst. He seems to be accumulating more fluid on his lungs, especially his left, and we are working on helping him get back to where he was. His weight has been going up gradually and it worries us. His breathing was more labored today than it has been in quite a while. Please pray that he will overcome this episode on his own.

I really need to finish quilting the DWR but it is so big and heavy that I get lazy to do it. I try to do a ring every day or so, but it is slow going. Maybe I'll have it done in time for their first anniversary! LOL


Gina said...

What a great quilt for a child.
I hope your father is well enough for the wedding. I know of a few people who get areaction to the flu jab but they get over it quite soon.
love and hugs xxx

Laurie Ann said...

I love that quilt as you go tecnique. I definately see using that more and more in my future.