Monday, October 29, 2007

Comfort quilt finished

I can't help it. I love this quilt! I may have to make some blue and white blocks and make one for me. This one will go in the mail today to a special person needing some comfort in her time of health crisis. I'm not sure if she reads my blog, so I'll wait to say who it is until she gets it. The fabric used in the alternate blocks on the front and the entire back is some fabric that Leota found at a garage sale. I love it when I can put to use what people bring me in the form of a comfort quilt for others.

Deborah and I leave for Houston in two days! I just pray Dad stays well enough for me to go and stay gone for 5 days. Since Jim's last day at work is tomorrow, Tuesday, he knows he is going to be helping Joe and Rob keep Dad on track until Judy gets back from Albuquerque on Friday. Yes, we are BOTH going to be out of town. A little scary, but I know we have to live our lives.

I added this picture of my boys and Jim having breakfast yesterday morning. It's rare these days that I get the three of them to myself especially now that Rob is married. April had to work early on Sunday so I talked them both into coming for breakfast. Well, I didn't have to talk very hard! LOL

I still need to get the label ready for the blue and white quilt so I better get going. Need to get my nails done, do some laundry, check on Dad, etc., etc.


Gina said...

I like how the quilt has turned out. I can see my block in there.

love and hugs xxx

Mary said...

How cute! Did you use a quilt as you go method? (Those sashing strips on the backing look like those used to assemble sections)

Looks like you're having fun in Houston. I'm surprised at how many bloggers have gone.