Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Roses are, wait, the stars are!

Here's the red star quilt ready to be sashed. That will connect them all together and then the binding will be put on and it will be done! I really enjoyed the quilting on these blocks. So easy to just "draw" with my sewing machine. It looks like a poinsettia blossom on each block.

Tonight I also finished the rag quilt I started last night that will be a Christmas gift. Jim snipped it for me since he didn't want me to have to do it all myself since he realized what a job that is. Thank you, Jim! I then washed it and put it in the dryer to fluff up. Can't show a picture yet. It's not Christmas! lol

I'm off to bed. Dad's been doing great. Thank You, Lord!


Vicki W said...

That's going to be a very pretty quilt! It seemed to go together fast too.

Susan said...

Beautiful! You must have been working on this every spare minute of the day and night!