Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving '07

Just thought I'd post a picture of how Dad is looking these days. Better, wouldn't you say? We had Thanksgiving Dinner at his house yesterday with Jim, Judy, Joe, Robert, April and me in attendance, along with Dad. We had a wonderfully filling meal with lots of pies, not the least of which was this
mouthwatering Peanut Butter Pie! This was one of Joe's contributions to the meal. Judy did the majority of the meal. I added the fruit salad and brought potatoes and green bean casserole and April brought a HUGE apple pie and a great salad. After we ate, Judy and I ran to Big Lots. Now, that's the time to go shopping. But, the deals advertised are not good until Saturday. :-(

Time for me to quit rambling and get in the shower. Some of us have to work today! I've always said, though, that I'd rather be working on Black Friday than out there with the crazies, shopping. You know who you are! LOL I'm not a big shopper, as my friends and family can attest.

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Susan said...

He looks unbelievably good! He's recovering nicely! That pie looks yummy. I'm so glad you had a nice family holiday, and your dad is feeling better.