Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When you have nothing to do all day...

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What do you do first? LOL This is the question I posed to Jim this morning. It's been two weeks now since he retired and he STILL feels as though he's on vacation. Granted, he hasn't been anywhere or done anything "vacation-y" but just not having to get up early, is vacation enough. It's taking some getting used to, but I knew that. The cap he has on is one that the P.O. gave him upon retirement. It reads "Retired Postal Worker. No more snow, no more hail. I'm retired, YOU deliver the mail!" He has been a big help with my dad. Who, by the way, is home from the hospital and doing much better.

Time to get to work. Well, some of us, anyway! LOL


Susan said...

I remember that feeling Jim is having! I can remember the exact minute I realized that it wasn't a vacation, but was now my life. =) When do you get to retire? Glad your dad is home and doing better!

Franie said...

Welcome to your DH to retirement--it is the best. Once he gets used to it--ha--he will think he is busier than ever. When can you join him? I like his cap and attitude!