Friday, November 30, 2007

No stars tonight

I decided to take a break from the star quilt and tried working with my embroidery machine. I embroidered this Mrs. Santa, with the big hands, tonight. I've decided to use it as the center of this block. You might remember it from a previous post with the Snowman block. I removed the center of the block and replaced it with this one. So, now I remember why I haven't used the embroidery part of the machine so much. It takes too long! But, my sister pointed out that you can't get all that detail, or man hands, in 5 minutes. This motif took almost an hour to complete. Longer than that when you consider the time it took to change out the thread color.

Since I didn't work on the star quilt tonight, I think I'll go on to bed. I'm too tired to do anything tonight and I'll make mistakes if I try.

1 comment:

Susan said...

She looks great in that block! Nice choice. That's why I sold my embroidery machine. =) Fun, though it was.