Monday, June 29, 2009

Another week gone by, again.

Wow. I did not realize that I had not posted since last Monday. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. What kept me the busiest this past week was getting ready for the motor cross event that took place Friday and Saturday. I set up a booth to sell Scentsy but was only able to do it on Friday night. With the wind blowing and the sun so hot, I just couldn't do it on Saturday, too. My thanks to Rob, April, Leota, Chad and Crystal, Judy and last, but certainly not least, Jim. Rob, April and Jim did most of the physical work. Thanks, especially to Jim for sitting with me the whole time we were there on Friday night. My apologies to anyone I forgot.

My oldest granddaughter, Brittany, is here for about 3 weeks. It's her time with her dad and it is so wonderful to have her here. I couldn't wait to take pictures of both of my beautiful granddaughters.

I made Kerrington two more little hats. The white one is an eyelet fabric that April can clip ribbons on.
The polka dot hat will hopefully work with an outfit April has set aside for Kerrington to wear later this summer.

The headbands I made for Brittany. She was going to sell them, along with her lemonade stand when she and her daddy gave away puppies, but they didn't get around to doing that yesterday. So, she's decided she'll either keep them or share with her friends. Brit spent the night with us last night and went with me to Rob and April's this morning. She decided to stay with her dad tonight because I wake her up too early. lol I don't blame her.

Well, let's see what I can work on tonight. I hope I don't wait another week before posting again.

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Wilma NC said...

What a sweet baby, and a cute hat!!!