Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kool Chick

Another little receiving/swaddling blanket for Kerrington. She's getting so long, (she's 3 months old today!) that she may not take to being swaddled much longer. She does sleep soundly, though, when she's wrapped up nice and warm.

I've tried to upload a little video I took of her the other day, but Blogger is not cooperating. Here she's sitting in her little bouncy seat.

I finally finished the little sunsuit last night. It needed the snaps and I couldn't find the tape with snaps on it. So, I made my own, sorta. It'll work for now.

I have not talked myself into working on some of the bigger projects on my list. Soon.. Right now I'm trying to get all my Scentsy ducks in a row since I made Director last month. My downline is waiting for me to give them guidance. lol Good luck. I need guidance! I know where to get it, though. I'm feeling a bit better every day, but I'm still coughing at night. Not feeling well has been my excuse, uh, reason for not doing much, but I'm getting better.

Dad seems to be doing well. He still has trouble walking but that's why we have his motorized chair. His pain is all but gone, thanks to the shot they gave him for the prostate cancer. He's able to do more for himself lately.

Tomorrow is Friday and a busy day at work. Goodnight, all.


Deb said...

Gosh Kerrington is growing up so quickly Vernoica. Such a wee poppet

Wilma NC said...

She is so sweet. I wish my little Kenzie lived near me.

ANudge said...

She is such a precious! How quickly they grow. V, hope you are feeling better soon.