Monday, September 21, 2009

It's chilly outside!

Yes, it's 48 degrees as I write. The little hat I crocheted actually fit little Miss Kerrington. She left it on long enough for me to take a picture but as soon as I left her alone, off it came. It took a minute, but she managed to pull it off. Then she tried to put it back on. That was too cute. Then again, anything this little angel does is too cute! I posted the second picture so you can see how pretty her eyelashes are growing in.

I've been working on an afghan for a baby gift. Although, tonight I had to cut some fabric for a project I committed to last week. The quilt top must be done and out of here before October 1. Wish me luck! I cut over 200 squares tonight in about 45 minutes and decided I was tired. I don't want to make any mistakes so I'll finish cutting tomorrow.

Time to head to bed. Jim will get up early to hit the links. I hope it's not much colder than it is now!


Amy said...

what a darling little girl.her cap looks nice on daughter says my granddaughter prolly wont keep hers on her head either.but it has ties,I told her to tie it around her chin and would be a little harder to get off..isn't being gramma fun?

Mary C. said...

How cute. Of course it's on a cute little girl.
Mary C.