Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cradle purses

The pretty little pink and white cradle purse is K's. I gave it to her this morning and she spent most of the time putting the doll back in the purse and taking it out again. Then she played with the little blanket by stretching it and placing it on top of her head. lol I think she likes it.
The yellow and white purse I made for K's cousin, M. who had a birthday last week. I'm late with her gift, but I hope she'll forgive me once she sees it. She was two this birthday.

I'm writing this on my laptop at Rob and April's while K is napping. Well, she is not asleep yet, but she's resting in her crib. Yesterday she did not nap until her mama got home after 5. I plan on letting her "relax" in her crib for about an hour and then I can't stand not to have her in here with me when she's awake. So, I'll get her out of her bed and then it'll be almost time for lunch. Although, sometimes when I go in to get her, she's not ready to get out. I'm getting a little heavy-lidded myself. I may take a cat nap before I bring her back into the living room. Or, I'll start another cradle purse...


tami said...

These are so cute. My Gramma used to make purses almost like this for her 4 grandaughters. She used a dishwashing detergent bottle cut off and punched with holes to crochet into. I remember being allowed to take it to church to play with because it was a quiet toy.

ANudge said...

Cute purses - you are so clever, V.

LOL - my kids stop napping at 11 months - all three of them! But they were all in bed by 7pm so mommy could rest too.