Sunday, May 23, 2010

I can't stop!

Making these cradle purses! They are so quick and easy they're addicting. Luckily, I have lots of leftover yarn in my stash. Although, I do have to untangle some of the yarn before use because one special little girl loves to play in Grama's pile of yarn! That's just fine by me. Especially when I can get Papaw to help untangle! lol

The next two pictures just had to be taken. When I saw her standing with her hands behind her back, I thought it was the cutest thing! Then, Auntie Judy reminded me that Mom (Big Grama) used to stand that way! I can just see Mom now, her short, muscular legs, standing with her hands clasped behind her back. Maybe some things are just hereditary, huh?
And, of course, her favorite thing to do when she tires of playing with her toys...dump them all out and get in the basket! That's after she's turned it upside down and tried climbing on it but, since it's a wicker basket, it kept collapsing. Guess she figured it was safer to be IN it than ON it.

This last picture is typical K. She's a smiley baby and it makes Grama's heart melt.

April and K. came by the shop yesterday and brought me a drink. Thank you! It was such a pleasant surprise to have them come by. Joe had been by a bit earlier and then I saw Rob at the house when he and Jim got home from golfing. So, I was blessed to see ALL my chilluns yesterday! Except my granddaughter, Brittany, whom I think of daily and wish she lived closer than OKC. :-(

I need to get going now. Will meet one of my consultants at the shop for a Scentsy warmer trade and then I think I'll make a WalMart run to see if I can find more dolls for the aforementioned addiction! Have a great Sunday, ya'll!


Ruthie said...

Wil you be selling those adorable baskets? I would love to buy one for Elizabeth.

Fiona said...

Oh Veronica she has grown so much hasn't she and that cheeky grin is just gorgeous. Those purses are crocheted aren't they? I wish I could crochet. Hugs - Fee XX