Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday mending

Before and after shot of a little sundress that had a hole in need of mending. I asked April if I could bring it home and try my hand at it. I think it came out nice! I hope she and K. like it.

This is a typical picture of K. She loves any and all books and will literally drop where she is and start turning pages. I don't know how common it is, but she's 14 months old and she knows when the pages are upside down! Personally, I think that's amazing for her age. I've seen her do it several times while sitting on my lap. If she opens the book upside down, she'll look at it for a quick minute and turn it right side up. Grama thinks she's a genius! lol
I crocheted this little doll blanket for K's dolly. She loves wrapping her up in it. She also has me wrap the doll in a bigger blanket so she can unwrap, etc., etc.. Keeps us busy.

So nice to feel better again. You know, when you're not feeling well, you forget how nice it is to not be sick! At least I feel as though I'm never going to feel normal again when I'm sniffling, coughing and carrying on. I've actually worked on the badge quilt this past week. Not anywhere near finished, but making progress. I feel as if I only had one whole day to work on it, I'd get it done. But, life gets in the way and I end up doing more important things for the moment. Like, keeping K. overnight! We kept her this past Saturday night until Sunday around 2. She was such a good girl. She and Papaw are inseparable while she's here. She loves to run around outside and must have Papaw by her side to help her up and down the curbs. We get our exercise with that baby doll!

Got to get to bed. I've told Jim that I plan on getting to bed earlier but it always ends up being around 11 or so. I wake up at 6:30, if not sooner, so an earlier bedtime would be helpful. Goodnight and have a good week.

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Deb said...

See Veronica, I knew she was going to be a reader before she was born!!
hugs Deb