Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!
Can you see the Santas on my socks? Judy took this picture of my ankles at the gym last night. I thought I was looking very festive as I was working out! LOL
I can finally show ya'll a picture of the Sister Quilt I made for Judy. I used pictures of just the two of us. I had a time finding pics with just us two in them! This pattern is one I found in Houston this year. It was actually a kit so I knew I'd be able to make it up pretty quick. She loved it. :-) Oh, and my brother and sis-in-law loved their respective quilts, too! His the Brother Quilt and her's the "Birds in the Windows".

Wow! So many wonderful things did Santa bring me! I know, it's just Christmas Eve, but that's when we exchange the gifts. My brother and sis-in-law sent me a Rowenta Professional iron! How great is that! I love it! Dad gave me a gift certificate to Dillards (yayyy!). Robert gave me a great NMSU sweatshirt with hood and some wonderful silk lotion. Jim gave me the handiest gift, a new laser mouse for my laptop! Judy gave me a new pair of jeans that zip (she and Rob decided I needed to quit wearing elastic-top pants, lol), Prescriptive face make-up (eyes and cheeks), cute ornaments, Starbuck's coffee and chocolates, and a new calendar for work. Thank you, all! Hope I didn't miss anything.

I woke up early this morning and decided to get to Wal Mart before everyone else did. Not a bad idea..I got there around 7:30 and there were some folks shopping. You could tell they all had the same idea I did. Everyone was rushing around trying to get out of there before the rush hit! LOL Could hardly concentrate on what I was needing for wanting to hurry up and get done. Well, I didn't have enough. I went back around noon with Judy. Finally got it all done and came home to wrap gifts. Oh, had to run to Hancock's to pick up a Rowenta iron for Judy for Dad to give her as a gift.

Jim and I came home around 9:30. It had started raining and looked like it might ice up if it gets much colder. Hope not since Robert is taking Dad to the hospital in the morning for them to dress his incision. That Robert has been an angel! He is living with Dad now and has taken it upon himself to help his grampo with anything he might need. I offered to take Dad for his dressing change and Rob said, "I've got it under control!" lol I'm grateful to him. How did I rate such a dependable child?

No quilting in the last few days. My sewing room looks like a tornado and an earthquake have hit it! I'll try to organize a little before I start working on some charity blocks that need quilting. I'm falling behind on the Midget blocks so I need to work on them. But, it's getting late and I think I'll go read for a bit.

Merry Christmas!

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