Thursday, December 14, 2006

Just a little sum'n, sum'n...

This is a little paper-pieced Santa I put together one night at Dad's. It's a potholder that may or may not get finished in time for Christmas.

What a week. I'm home tonight to get ready to leave for Las Cruces in the morning. I need to do some laundry, pack, pay bills and sleep. I am so tired I hardly know where to start. I know the first thing I need to do is take care of my Internet obligations before I leave town. The birthday blocks will be in the mail tomorrow as well as blocks for a certain lonely mom in Wyoming. :-) Lotto block draw will be in the morning before we leave.

Dad is home for a bit by himself. Judy will stay with him tonight. He's doing well, but not sleeping as well as I think he should. He is up every 30 minutes to go potty and, even though I don't get up with him, I still hear him. So, every 4th or 5th trip, I'll holler at him and he says, "I'm ok!". LOL He says we're a team. His leg incisions are still draining. We go to Lubbock on Monday for staple removal. All the nurses that have seen him this week say he's doing exceptionally well. I think he may be experiencing the typical depression. We'll get some meds for that soon, I hope.

Ok, enough. I've lots to do. See you on the other side of Las Cruces, or maybe, I'll post a picture of my graduate son! Posted by Picasa

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Angie said...

Cute Santa! :D So glad that your Dad is improving. And congratulations on your son's graduation! :)