Thursday, December 28, 2006


I have finally gotten back to doing a little quilting. These are six of the twelve blocks that I'll use to make a charity quilt per request from one of the ladies on QOR. Hopefully, I'll get it done right after the new year begins. Yes, 2007! LOL This one will be assembled with the quilt-as-you-go method that I've become so fond of. Thanks to the ladies of QOR for the beautiful blocks! I hope I can do them justice with the quilting and assembling.
I have NOT even begun to clean my sewing room. I just can't seem to get in the mood. I'd rather quilt! LOL Imagine that... Oh well. I like to think of it as "organized chaos". I know where everything is. Well, almost everything. But, if I don't know exactly where something is, I know where to look for it.
It's been steady at work the last few days. I'm feeling much more rested since my son has taken over the task of driving Dad to his wound therapy sessions every morning. Thank you, Rob! If we can just get that leg of Dad's to heal, I think he would really feel almost normal. He's doing well otherwise.
Not a whole lot going on around here, and, quite frankly, I like it that way. Cleaning ladies came this week so my house is relatively clean. Except for the sewing room. :-)
It's getting late and I've got a busy day at work tomorrow, thank Goodness! Thank you, Lord, for faithful clients!

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