Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dad sitting, under the weather..

Oh, boy. This is going to be a long week. I have been staying with Dad at night and running over during the day. He's doing very well and has a homemaker with him during the day. One of us needs to stay with him at night. We've all picked up a bug. I went in to work for about an hour this morning and had to go home. I then proceeded to spend time in the bathroom and took a nap. I'm still a little queasy tonight. Sure hope this passes before we head off to Las Cruces this weekend.

I did finish the birthday blocks due this month. I'll try to get them mailed off before the weekend. I've also been working on the binding for a Christmas quilt. Don't know if I'll get to the others waiting to be quilted before the 25th.

I hope to be well enough to go in to work in the morning. I've got a busy day planned tomorrow and Thursday.


Deborah said...

I sure do hope you get to feeling better soon. My daughter and two oldest grandkids had this bug last week and it lasted about a day or two.


Tell your Dad hello for me.

Shelina said...

I do hope you get better soon. It seems like the bug has been flying all around blog land. I hope it avoids me.