Monday, August 06, 2007

Quick note

Even though I'm not in Houston with Jim and Rob, I thought I'd post a picture of Rob and his sister, Brenda. Jim and Rob are in Houston to attend services for Jim's daughter, Beverly. This is the first time Rob and Brenda have seen each other in person. I am so glad these two finally had a chance to meet! I hate that it is under such sad circumstances, but, sometimes that's what it takes to get us all to do something. I know that they would've met eventually, but I'm glad they got a chance to be together at this time.

Mary, I'm sorry I hadn't posted! LOL I just have been lazy about it. I've not done anything "quilty" to speak of except to bind the Valentine quilt I gave my granddaughter for her birthday. Speaking of, I need to leave here in a few to pick her up from the sitter's. I need to relieve the homemaker at Dad's so I'll get to watch Brit this afternoon. Dad's doing much better! It's so wonderful to hear him answer the phone in his own, quirky, animated way! Thanks to all, again, for your prayers.


Mary said...

I'm happy that your Dad is doing well, he had such a difficult time and I know that was hard for you too. Cute quilt.

Susan said...

How complicated families can become! I'm happy your dad is answering his phone and feeling quirky. Love the little Valentine quilt! Perfect for a little girl.