Monday, August 20, 2007

Still in hospital

It's Monday morning and we're still in Lubbock. Dad had a rough day yesterday because he hadn't slept in 3 nights. It finally caught up with him and he was very tired all day. He seemed better late in the afternoon when Rob and April were here. Dad, Rob, April and Judy played a little game of ping pong and "push the water bottle across the table without letting it fall off" for about a hour or so. Really helped to work his arms a bit.

He's doing much better this morning since we both slept all night, with the usual interruptions. We're just waiting for the dotors to start coming by now. I told Judy (she went home last night) that when one person is here, we should lose weight waiting for the docs! I don't want to leave to go to the cafeteria in case they come by. It'd be my luck that they would start coming in as soon as I leave. So, I'll sit here and do this and work on my crochet until all the docs make their rounds. I could live off my fat for a few days, if the truth be known! lol

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