Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a quilting evening

I finally spent an entire night quilting! I made this tablerunner for Leota since her birthday was last Sunday. I'm not so sure I didn't make her one with these Santas last Christmas. Oh well, if I did, she's got a matching pair now! lol We'll have her birthday lunch at work on Thursday, but I'll give it to her tomorrow.

Dad's doing really well. He's trying to walk without his walker but I'm still not ready for him to do that without one of us near him. He wants to be "normal" so badly!

This little runner wore me out tonight. I'm out of practice! lol I've got a couple of larger quilts to work on, so I hope I can spend more evenings doing that.


Yvonne said...

Cute tablerunner...glad to hear your Dad is doing well.

Norma said...

What a cute little table runner!