Wednesday, August 08, 2007

UFO busting

These blocks are from the End of Winter Swap last year, I think. It may have been the year before...I forget. I've been wanting to get them together in a quilt and so the reversible quilt method was the easiest to do. The red, white and blue blocks make up the back of the EOW quilt. I will still add about 6" borders to make it a functional quilt.
The closeups show a little of the quilting I did in some of the blocks. I let the blocks dictate what kind of quilting I would do. Lots of practice with free motion quilting.
Dad's doing ok these days. Not wonderful. He seems to be retaining a lot of fluid even though the cardiologist has increased his diuretic. The med increase has helped, but I think he needs a little more. We see the Lubbock cardiologist this coming Monday. He seems to be in good spirits, but I know he's tired of this whole mess. He does talk about getting better in order to take a weekend trip to a casino. lol As long as he continues to fight..


Susan said...

I love your quilting! Great job. The thin borders between blocks give it a very interesting look. I will have to try that with some of the sampler blocks I have. Thanks for sharing that!

Andrea said...

Really lovely quilting ! My machine quilting is very basic - I really want to improve ! Must just knuckle down and practise. Is this done on just an ordinary machine ?