Friday, September 21, 2007

another bear quilt

This has proven to be a popular quilt with some of my clients. I've had requests for two of them. I put this one together tonight so you can see it's very easy. It's a little smaller than the one in the previous post, but it's more a crib size, for a baby.

The picture of the first quilt showed me that I really need to pay attention to how I place the triangle blocks. If you look close enough to the first picture, you can see where I placed them in the wrong position. Since I was aware of that in this quilt, it went together much better. I'll try to get it quilted tomorrow night.

Dad's visit to the cardiologist was a good one. He's doing well and we just have to continue to watch his fluid build up. I hope we can start getting him out to places like the Senior Center. He's a little gun-shy about getting out in public with his walker or quad cane. He's still a little wobbly. His face is finally looking normal after his little encounter with the cabinet handle.

We have a new little baby in the family! My brother is now a grandpa! Little Journey was born yesterday at noon, our time, and weighed 5 lbs. 15 oz. She's little bitty and so cute. Got to see pictures soon after she was born. Can't wait to see her in person. I hope the Oklahoma crew can make it to Rob and April's wedding next month since little Journey decided to get here earlier than she was planned. What fun would that be!!

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Susan said...

Both the quilts are attractive, though. If you hadn't mentioned it, I probably wouldn't have noticed that some of the yellow triangles are sideways in the bigger one. =)

So glad your dad's report is good! Did you put the tennis balls under the feet of the walker? It keeps down scuffing, but I don't know if it makes it more slippery. I always worry about that. Of course, it might help slide it instead of picking it up.

Congratulations to your brother grandpa!