Monday, September 17, 2007

New Santa panels

Easiest runner, yet! This Santa panel comes in three's so I just left them intact and just did some free-motion quilting all over it. I put a small border on it because that's all the batting and backing that was left around the main piece. Then I put a binding on it and called it done! I'll take it to work and see if someone is in need of a Christmas tablerunner.

We were supposed to go to Lubbock tomorrow to see the cardiologist, but they called and suggested we see our local guy. Good idea. Will save us a trip. The guy in Lubbock is there if we need him, though. Good news today! The kidney doctor dismissed Dad and told us his kidneys are working at 40%! His numbers are dropping so he is staying far away from dialysis. We are excited!

I'm a bit tired after working on this little runner. Took me two hours and my eyes are really bothering me. I must make an appointment to have my contacts cleaned. '


Gail said...

Good to hear your goodnews about your dad, hope it continues.

Patti said...

Great news about your dad - hooray!

Shelina said...

Veronica, this table runner looks great. I've been avoiding even thinking about fall, but people have started showing their fall quilts, and even, gasp, Christmas ones! It's a great idea though to get the holiday projects started so there isn't a mad dash at the end.

swooze said...

Long time no read! Glad to see Dad is better except for the fall. Here are good wishes for continued health!

The siggy quilt is great! Hope the happy couple love it!