Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1st

Wow. Already. September 1, 2007. Can't help but remember this day in infamy. Well, in my life, anyway. 34 years ago I married my oldest son's dad. Three years later we were divorced. All I got out of that marriage is my beautiful, 32 year old son, Joe. I used to ask Mom, "Why did you let me go through with it? (getting married). She would say, "You wouldn't have listened." Smart woman, my mom, but then I would counter with, "You could've at least tried!" Can't blame her, though. At 18, I was pretty strong-willed and hard-headed, as most 18 year olds can be.

But, that was then, and this is now. I've been married to Jim for almost 25 years now and my sweetie is working on retiring from the Post Office in only one more month! How exciting is that? Scary, too. But, he's ready and because he'll only be 62, and is in extremely good health, I know he would like to embark on perhaps another, albeit not as demanding, career for a while. We'll see...
On a quilty note...Here's another tablerunner ready to be quilted. This one is for April's brother, Perry and his new bride, Amanda. Rob told me their colors are red and black and I had a hard time deciding what to use as the corners. I knew I needed something lighter so they'd stand out, and the white actually has the word "Love" written all over it. I hope to get it quilted this weekend.

Last, but certainly not least, Dad is hanging in there. We're still working to get his meds "just right" but I think that's going to be an ongoing proposition. He calls me several times at work just to say "hi" and I am so happy to hear his strong voice on the phone. And, it's good to know that he's feeling well enough to get on the phone!

I'm off to get ready for work. Jim is off today but I've got a pretty full schedule. Mary C., I miss you!

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Susan said...

How wonderful that he can retire at 62. I retired at 57, just because I could, and I haven't regretted a day of it! Paul and I love travelling. I wouldn't trade it for anything.