Sunday, September 16, 2007

Who said...

"Mistakes are design opportunities"? I have two cases in point here. The bridal shower quilt, to the left, finally got it's borders. But, in my haste, I decided to sew the narrow border and the wide border together before applying it to the quilt. Good idea if I was going to miter the corners, but not so hot idea if I didn't miter. Ends up that the smaller border gets extended out to the ends, thus cutting into the total look of the wide border. You can see that in the top left and right of the picture. Thanks to Deborah for suggesting that I use a solid for the small border. I had to dig through my stash to find something suitable, and I did. All that's left to do now is to iron on the freezer paper onto the backs of each block. It really is a pretty little quilt top.
Now, this little quilt top, made for a client who underwent bilateral knee replacement yesterday, was a little bit of a challenge. I got the pattern from a book called, "24 Hour Quilts" or some such nonsense, lol. Actually, this pattern says you can do it up in about 5 hours. And you probably can if you don't mess it up in the cutting like I did! When cutting the sewn strips to make the blocks, I layered them, right sides together, so when I cut, I had mirror images. Not supposed to do that. I ended up with blocks that didn't fit into the design, hence the corner areas you see in the pictures. The darker corners in the body of the quilt are not supposed to look like that, but I kinda like it, don't you? I didn't add a smaller border, (I got lazy) and just used extra blocks for the corners since I didn't have enough of the big border.

So, see, mistakes really ARE design opportunities! I have to believe that or I would never finish anything.

We, Judy and I, took Dad on his first real outing yesterday. We ran to Farwell for a little while of fun at the local "for amusement only" casino. A little hole in the wall where you just play the machines and win tokens to play some more. I think he really enjoyed it.

Time to get ready for the day. We've got the bridal shower today and Jim thinks he needs to eat breakfast. lol Have a great day!

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Gail said...

Good philosophy about the unintentional design change...looks awfully pretty to me just the way it is.