Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tryng to catch up

April's bridal shower is coming up this Sunday so I decided to whip up a siggie quilt for guests to sign. The idea for this pattern was taken from Linda J. Thank you! I will add a few borders in the next day or two. Now, I have a question that I hope one of you bloggers (or more) can help me with. You'd think that as long as I've been quilting, that I would know what kind of pen to use for these signature quilts. I have yet to find one I REALLY like. Help! I want something that will write boldly and clearly. I usually use a Micron 05, but I'm not crazy about it. Any ideas?
I have been wanting to make a cap and booties to match the pink shell afghan, but only got around to making the cap. It was so easy to make that I made one out of the white yarn that Judy made her afghan from.
Here's a picture of Judy's afghan. She made this for Journey, Henry and Shanon's granddaughter (due in Oct) These are the afghans we made while sitting with Dad in the hospital. I couldn't resist taking a picture of my pink shell with the blue ribbon it won.

Took Dad to the doctor today to remove his stitches. He's doing well. Tired tonight, I'm sure, since he walked quite a bit at the doctor's office and then back out to the car. The doc also gave him an antibiotic to fight a bug that seems to be going around. I think I had it a couple of weeks ago. They also gave me an antibiotic for a sinus infection - the source of my headaches lately.

I'm off to cut borders for the siggie quilt.

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naomijacobs1 said...

Hi V,
I'd use a Micron 08 if you can find it. Not as "scratchy" as a fine tip. I know they're not as easy to find.