Sunday, December 02, 2007

Divine Inspiration

Or, maybe it was Divine Intervention! LOL This printed panel was a remnant I picked up at WalMart for less than $2. I didn't even know what it was until I got home. Judy and I had been looking for "ugly" fabric to use in our rag rugs and this one looked possible, until I held it up! You can tell it was a remnant because the filigreed border around the edges is cut off the bottom. I think I'm going to cut the borders back to the red stripe and then decide on a 4" to 6" border. The pattern is one called "Window Panes". I was really amazed at how the numbers just fell into place as I started cutting the pieces. I had to sort of play with where I would cut some of the main pieces so as not to cut through a face, but, for the most part, the instructions worked out just fine.

Yes, looking at the picture on this page, I can see that it definitely needs the outer gold border removed.

I think I'll go work on the star quilt for a bit. I've got about 4 more rows to attach and then I'll make the binding.

Stopped by to see Dad today and he was doing great. He was even in the kitchen cooking potatoes!


Susan said...

I had the thought, when I first looked at the picture on the other post, that this was the view someone looking out of the inn windows might have seen. Of course, I know they didn't have windows like ours, but I can be fanciful. =)

Then I was thinking it was like the sinner on the outside looking in at the warmth and comfort of the Savior. Great use of the panel!

Linda_J said...

Good job on the panel pieces--sounds like the price was right, Veronica. Enjoyed catching up with your news and what fun to catch the picture of the newlyweds in some of the previous posts.

You have been busy as usual, it looks like!