Monday, October 13, 2008

Lubbock Peddler Show

I am tired. What a busy weekend! Jim took me to Lubbock on Friday morning, left me there with Kym (pictured with me) and Natalie, our immediate Director. Friday afternoon was busier than I had thought it would be and Saturday was absolutely crazy. Sunday morning started a little slow and picked up before the show closed. I came back with less than half of all the product I took. Woo Hoo!! Now I can order more! LOL Judy joined us Friday night after work and was instrumental in helping us keep our finances in order. Thanks, Jude!

We really need to work on our booth display. The "flow" just didn't work. Customers lined up in front of the display and/or the scents that were set out and our stock was in boxes under the table. So, when we had to pull out something that someone wanted, we had to move folks out of the way. The tables should've been set out and we needed to have been standing behind them. But, we had a good turnout and it was a good experience.

I headed back to Lubbock today, Monday, to take Dad for his wound care app't. They say his legs look better and will not need any more antibiotics after this round is done. Poor guy. He's such a good sport. I don't know how he keeps his sense of humor through all of this.

I have finished the ornament and other goodies that will go to my ornament swap pal. I just need to find the hanger that I want to use. I sure hope Hobby Lobby has something to choose from.

I am beat! I think I mentioned that at the start of this post. Time to go to bed.

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