Friday, October 17, 2008

More surprises!

My stitching angel goodies arrived today. They are from Sandra in France. She sent a needle case with a pocket on the inside front. The front of the case is cross-stitched. I KNOW how much work went into that! Thanks, Sandra! The quilt magazine she sent is all in French. I can't read it, but the pictures are great! She also sent a fat eighth of fabric and a spool of beautiful red thread. There was also an unusual scent coming from the package. That is from incense sticks she included. I'm "smoldering" one right now. Smells very nice.
Judy and I had dinner at Red Lobster tonight. Sometimes I just crave fish. I ran to Dad's afterwards to take him his dinner, stopped to pick something up for Jim and when I got home, I got a call that one of the other Scentsy dealers had a bar that I'd been looking for. I ran to pick that up and then came home and called my step-daughter to help her enter another order. Yes, Brenda is a Scentsy dealer now and doing extremely well!

Obviously, there will be no sewing tonight. I need to transfer patterns onto fusible in order to make four more ornaments. Tomorrow will be another busy day at work, so, it's off to bed for me.


Sara said...

Hi! THanks for the comment on my blog! You can definately enter my giveaway! Just scroll down on my blog to that post and leave a comment so I don't forget you! I love the stuff your stitching angel sent. Really great and those ornaments you are making are so precious!

Miz said...

Iam so happy that your angel made you some lovel thing. As I love all my. Took the day with all my bits to a day class yesterday and the ladies love it.thank you. Hopr your dad get better soon

sandra said...

Hello VĂ©ronica, I come to see your blog. It's very nice. I'm very happy that my first package good arrived. Kisses